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5 Steps for Building a Senior Care Team


On your next visit to a senior living community, take a minute to notice the staff of care professionals. That would be the senior care team, and they serve a vital role for residents in so many ways—for companionship, programs, care support and so much more. Considering all the time they spend together, it’s little surprise that residents and caregivers often become close friends.

But what goes into creating a care team? Is it all about finding great people, or is it the training and development programs that make the real difference?Stephanie Handelson

The answer is a little of both. Joining a care team means you have something special to offer to residents. Compassion, empathy, enthusiasm, experience—the list could go on. But building a care team is about matching great people with a senior living community that sets its sights on wowing, and caring for, residents at every turn.

Here are Benchmark Senior Living’s 5 Steps for Building a Senior Care Team.

  1. Ongoing Training. Creating a team starts with getting everyone on the same page through standards-based training and continuous education programs. Our own Benchmark University offers accredited courses that help our associates keep step with best practices, and remain current with licenses and certifications.
  2. Team-Focused Approach. A senior living community hums when everyone is on the same team, working and exchanging ideas together. Titles don’t matter when the team comes together to put residents first. 
  3. Stellar Communication. There’s more than one way to communicate when you are on a senior care team. While every care team at Benchmark Senior Living is guided by a resident’s care plan, our care professionals also use computer tablets, walkie-talkies, and real-time alerts to keep on their toes.
  4. Standards-Based Care. Care teams must, of course, meet state-mandated standards of care. The rules and regulations are clear. At Benchmark Senior Living, the training program enables our care teams to go above and beyond. We aim to provide a level of care to residents as if they were a member of our own families—and they tell us we deliver!
  5. Putting Residents First. The care team should be all about establishing a senior living experience that puts residents first. Care teams that see senior living from the resident’s perspective can make all the difference in the world. At Benchmark Senior Living, we see it every day!

Stephanie Handelson
President and COO, Benchmark Senior Living

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