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5 Technology Trends in Senior Living 


Senior care providers have traditionally been late to the game when it comes to adopting new technologies. After all, the emphasis is usually on the people side of the equation. Given a choice, providers tend to go for long-term care services that are high-touch, not high-tech.

But all of that is changing, as a new generation of care-enabling technologies makes its way into the mainstream. Care providers, like Benchmark Senior Living, are finding real benefits in technologies that can enhance caring for seniors. Here are a handful of new ways that’s happening.

Five technology trends in senior living.

  1. Wi-Fi is becoming more pervasive, and so are technology classes for residents. For instance Benchmark has been offering classes on how to use the internet and currently more than 75% of our residents are on the internet at least once a week.
  2. Resident monitoring technology will get better and more sophisticated. It will include things like active tracking and monitoring of activity levels and other functions such as monitoring pulse, temperature and hydration levels.
  3. Technology will be more pervasive in the delivery of customer service. This could include interactive pads or touch screen televisions that will allow residents to know what is going on in the community or instantly order additional services.
  4. Learning management systems are emerging as important ways to reskill employees and teams to help them adapt to evolving technology. Benchmark recently rolled out Redilearning as our new e-learning system to help us raise our training and compliance success rates, and improve communication for all levels of the organization.
  5. Social robots, like Jibo and Mobiserv, will increasingly supplement care services. Through integrated smart garments and vision systems, the bots remind seniors about eating, drinking and taking medications, and can help older adults stay active by suggesting a variety of activities.

Technology in senior care is entering an exciting time. Every day there are new products, services and community initiatives, like the global innovation platform Aging2.0, focused on the aging and long-term care markets. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Until next time,
Tom Grape
CEO and Chairman, Benchmark Senior Living

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