Rarely Asked Questions to Help You Find The Right Senior Living!


At Benchmark, we understand the search for senior living can be confusing. You probably know some things you should watch for and a few important things to ask questions about when you visit.  How clean is the community? Is the physical plant well-cared for? Do residents seem happy? What types of services are offered and at what price?

Each of these help you form a basic opinion about the senior living communities you visit.

However, since you likely haven’t been through this process before, you might not know what else to ask. Questions about the programs that make a real difference in the resident experience just are not as obvious. But these are important factors that can help you determine how well a senior living community cares for its residents, and for the team members who care for those residents.

Or questions about how an organization sets its goals and holds itself accountable for quality. And the role industry experience plays in continuously monitoring, measuring and improving the quality of care.

Our residents and their families choose us because they have confidence in our experience. After all, we’ve been caring for seniors for 20 years now.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll use our experience to help you better understand what genuinely sets one senior living community apart from the others.

What questions you can and should ask during your tour to help you look beyond the pretty drapes and stone fireplace to gain a true picture of the community’s culture and values.

You are seeking a senior living community that sets the bar for higher quality. One you can trust. A community with values that reflect your family’s values.

This is why it’s important to make a point of asking each senior living community you visit what they do to reach higher and set goals that can wow their residents and exceed their expectations.

Here are a few questions you can ask to help you evaluate the community’s values and culture:

• What makes them proud of their organization?
• As a company, how do they measure quality care?
• Does the senior living community survey residents and their families to ask for feedback? If so, how often do they seek that input?
• Since the first six months after a move can make or break the transition, what does the community do to evaluate how well things are going from the resident and their family’s perspective?
• What happens with the insight and feedback the organization gathers from families and residents?

The bottom line is this: does the community hold itself accountable for providing the highest quality of care and services?

We’ll Talk About Commitment Next Week

Next week we will share more insight as we discuss commitment. We will suggest ways for you to objectively assess how committed a senior living community is to your loved one’s happiness and care -- now and as their needs change in the future.
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