Senior Living Engagement Programs: How Programming Supports the Transition to Senior Living


question-symbol How will you help my loved one get acclimated to the community?

Why it matters: Senior living communities should offer programming specifically designed to ease residents’ transition to their new home.

A welcome committee may bring flowers and preferred snacks or gifts to help new residents feel at home on move-in day. In some communities, your loved one may even be assigned a special associate or resident friend to assist with familiarization to the setting during the adjustment period. 

welcome-staff-residentAt Benchmark assisted living communities, for example, residents are paired with an “angel” when they move in. This staff member meets with the resident one-on-one to work on a welcome card that features steps to complete together, such as reviewing the activity calendar, attending a program, having lunch with a department head, and more. As the resident’s go-to person in the community, the “angel” also ensures that she receives personal invitations to programs of interest.

Whether it’s an “angel,” “transitional care companion,” “peer partner,” or a similar, the program is an important way for your loved one to smoothly transition and feel connected to the new community.

“There’s an element of increased anxiety stemming from uncertainty when moving to a new setting, a new ‘home,’” says Michelle Tristani, Benchmark’s corporate director of memory care. The connections each new resident makes with Benchmark Associates and other Residents are paramount to their sense of belonging, esteem well-being and happiness.

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