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The Signs of Excellence in a Senior Living Community


If you’ve been following this series over the past few weeks, you know we’ve been sharing insight on how families can confidently choose a senior living community for a loved one. In the last two weeks, we’ve talked about how to determine if a provider is Accountable and Committed to resident care and quality.

Today we move on to talk about Excellence. When a senior living provider has a proven track record of excellence in daily operations, it means their backend operations are strong.  This allows caregivers to be truly present in the task at hand: providing each resident the care and attention they need and deserve.

Excellence in a provider also shows itself employee satisfaction results. In an industry notorious for higher turnover, this is an important consideration, because happy employees are better able to create a positive environment and give the care and attention that residents want and deserve.

As a senior or a family member of an older adult, how can you evaluate a community for excellence?

We’ve put together a few questions to help you do just that.

Questions to Ask a Senior Living Provider

From experience to honors and awards, here are some questions you should ask each senior living provider you are considering:

  • How long have you been in the business of providing care?
  • What has your organization learned during that time?
  • What honors and awards have you received? How many of them have been in the last year?
  • How do you measure employee satisfaction?  Has your company ever received awards for employee satisfaction?
  • What leadership model does the organization utilize?
  • Is there a leadership presence on-site at the community seven days a week? Not just a minimum “manager-on-duty” presence, but consistent leadership even on weekends?

The human connection is another key indicator of excellence in senior living. Here are a few more questions to ask. These are questions to help you objectively evaluate how the organization nurtures excellence among associates:

  • How are associates recruited and interviewed?
  • What training is in place for new associates?  Is there a formal onboarding process that all associates must attend?
  • Are there additional training programs that occur on a routine basis?
  • How does the organization train associates to be empathetic?
  • Are associates trained to understand common disease processes? Ask for specific examples.
  • Is there a dementia-specific training program? Do all associates receive this training?

We hope these questions help you gain better insight in to the programs and systems that allow a senior living provider to truly excel in delivering quality care.

Dedication to Associates

Our series wraps up next week when we will talk about why a senior living provider needs to be dedicated not just to residents, but to associates as well. We will share tips for evaluating an organization’s dedication to one of its most valuable resources: their associates. Be sure to stop back and learn more

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