Why It's Important for Senior Living Communities to Have Committed & Innovative Leadership


Expert and experienced leadership is important to ensure that senior living providers have structured their communities in such a way that is beneficial to their staffs and employees. It’s critical that the Boards of Directors be committed to quality of care and have a strong interest in having a positive impact on the senior living space. Similarly, senior management must be committed to the industry, having accumulated strong experience and relevant background that will enable them to understand the key issues that are impacting the senior living and eldercare industries today.

The leadership at senior living providers has become more important in this age of the more sophisticated and well-educated consumer. Consumers are more inclined to do research on prospective senior living communities, looking at such factors as ratings, amenities, and even researching the background of the company and key personnel. Much of this information is readily available online, so residents and their families often are savvy enough to do Google search before they even schedule a tour.

When families meet with the personnel of the senior living communities they are considering, they are likely to have a list of questions they want answered. Some of those questions are likely to pertain to the background of senior managers as well as the composition of the board of directors.

It’s not just the families of prospective residents who are asking more detailed and probing questions. Oftentimes, it’s the prospective residents themselves. Keep in mind that many of these individuals are better educated than the residents of a generation ago. Among their ranks are teachers, businesspeople, physicians, judges, attorneys, engineers, and other lifelong professionals. Thus, they are more likely to ask more detailed questions about the business structure and the financial viability of the organization than residents did in the past.

Even if residents do not ask questions about organizational leadership and stability, senior living providers should have answers to these questions readily available. For undecided residents, it could be a good selling point to describe the scope and sophistication of the organization. For instance, Benchmark Senior Living puts a lot of focus on having quality leadership, professional Executive Directors, a board of directors that gives genuine oversight, and a business structure that is stable. Having this information readily available to share with potential residents is one distinguishing factor that can help them decide that a Benchmark community is right for them.

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