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Benchmark Senior Living has always believed that friendship and social engagement are key ingredients to aging well. Being socially active improves health and wellness, and can go a long way toward reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness common to seniors.

Developed and designed by Benchmark Senior Living, Friendship Suites are two-person apartments that offer a homelike setting, with a cozy, common living area and kitchenette. The Friendship Suites lifestyle offers the perfect balance of living well reasonably, and living with friends in a warm, safe home environment. Neighbors get to know our community together, and feel comfortable knowing a friend is always nearby.

Benchmark Friendship Suites residents are matched through a common background or interest that can serve as a foundation for a friendship. Some of the apartments feature two private bedrooms each with its own private bath, while other apartments take a simpler approach by offering two private bedrooms that share a common bath.

Whatever your choice, with Friendship Suites residents get the best of both worlds—a shared apartment that’s backed by Benchmark’s award-winning services. It provides the support and care you need, plus a home to call your own, shared with a friend. That’s Friendship Suites.

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