Arnie Pressed His Pendant and Connected to More Than Help

July 17, 2018

Evans Park at Newton Corner resident Arnie Miller is known for being “a little bit late to everything.” But Arnie was determined to be on time for his wife Debra’s 70th birthday party – before falling out of his wheelchair while getting dressed. He pressed his pendant for help and was so touched by the quick and complete response, he wrote a lovely letter to the community and staff.

“This beautiful letter exemplifies what Todd means to our residents, families and associates,” says Director of Business Administration Scott Weissman. “Todd is an incredible leader and an inspiration to all of us at Evans Park at Newton Corner.”

Todd Raymond formed a relationship with Arnie and Debra when he was executive director at a community that was home to Debra’s mother, who lived to be 100.

“Arnie’s an accomplished man,” says Todd. “He’s bright, articulate and a straight shooter. If he runs into me after hours, he’ll ask, ‘What are you doing here?’ I’ll tell him I’ve got a few things to take care of. And he’ll chide me with, ‘You have people to do that. You should be home taking care of business with your family.’”

Arnie served in the President Carter administration as Director of the Office of Presidential Personnel. You can learn about Arnie’s role in the administration in his exit interview available at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library. After the Carter administration, Arnie founded an executive recruitment firm and helped major companies find top-notch executives.
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