Those ‘Called to Care’ Put Chantal Back Behind the Wheel

August 20, 2018

Good Samaritan Comes to the Rescue of Associate in Need

After her son’s car accident totaled Chantal Lucas’ car (without injury), the resident care associate took an Uber to and from BSL on Clapboardtree, a Benchmark Senior Living ( community. At $36 a day, or $180 a week, the burden of Uber fares for a mother who tragically lost her husband and is raising two boys took its toll.

Traditional Care Director Mandy Emond tried all avenues to help Chantal, including relaying the story to her father, who contacted a friend and owner of a salvage yard. The friend found a car and fixed it up for Chantal.

While car shopping, Chantal received the surprising news from Mandy.

Chantal praised the donor, who prefers to remain anonymous, as “a good Samaritan and a good man. I’m so thankful they thought about my situation.” 

The generous donation is another example of how the Benchmark family is Called to Care.

“Called to Care applies to residents, families and associates,” says Mandy. “Connecting with associates on a personal level can lead to something beautiful.”

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