Senior living communities with Benchmark Senior Living

Our Commitment to Quality

At Benchmark, caring for seniors is not just our purpose – it’s our passion. We have pride in what we do – and we take great pride in the trust families place in us. We believe we set the benchmark in senior living, through our care, dining, passion for innovation, and exceptional team.

That’s why we pledge to provide individualized care to all residents of Benchmark and measure our success by setting high standards for quality and safety. We both expect more and deliver more on behalf of our residents and their families.

We support our promise of consistent excellence in quality and safety through a holistic approach that looks at management, staffing, and thorough communication.

Benchmark Senior Living


201 Jones Road Suite 300 West Waltham, MA 02451

Management Accountability at All Levels

Benchmark puts its commitment to quality and safety into action. An interdisciplinary team of leaders at each Benchmark community meets frequently to discuss and review resident care and services, and our Leadership Presence Model requires that management is on site in each community seven days a week – with two managers on duty every weekend. Providing an additional accountability and leadership to our communities is our Regional Team.

Benchmark Senior Living Holds Management Accountabe at All Levels

Communication Leads to Quality

Benchmark is deeply committed to thorough communication. We listen to our residents and families through regular surveys and an open, ongoing dialogue for families and residents to register questions or concerns. If someone experiences what they consider to be less than the highest quality service, Benchmark employees are trained to elevate the issue to a manager so that we can identify and resolve concerns thoughtfully.

Staffing Excellence

Benchmark is known for delivering the very best in personalized services to help our residents live well. Our associates strive to treat each resident with respect, dignity and compassion. And, we are passionate about what we do. That’s why we have been honored year after year as a best place to work. Benchmark’s associates are truly among the best in the industry.