Benchmark's 17th Annual Awards Gala

We believe in the power of human connection to transform lives.

2018 Compassionate Caregiver Award Nominees

2018 Compassionate Caregiver Award Nominees

Jennifer Laursen, Chelmsford Crossings

John Njihia, Robbins Brook

Carmela DiBona, The Village at East Farms

From left: Jennifer Laursen, John Njihia, Tom Grape, Carmela DiBona

2018 Compassionate Caregiver Award Winner

Compassionate Caregiver Award Honoring the community caregiver who best fulfills the Benchmark mission to deeply understand people, meet them where they are, and connect them to what’s meaningful and possible at every stage of life. The honoree models extraordinary compassion, exemplifying what it means to be Called to Care for our residents and their families.

From left: CEO Tom Grape and John Njihia

John Njinia

John Njihia
Robbins Brook

Service Champion Award

Honoring the community-level, direct-care associate who creatively elevates human connection, improves the experience of aging and is committed to Benchmark’s mission, vision and values.

From left: Alison Melahouris, Janie Whipple, Tom Grape

Alison Melahouris, Janie Whipple, Tom Grape

Janie Whipple
Academy Point at Mystic

Beacon Award

Honoring the community supervisor or department head who has gone above and beyond in modeling Benchmark values in their daily work. This associate is chosen for creating a community of genuinely committed and caring associates and satisfied residents.

From left: Bob Moran, Marlea Criscuolo, Tom Grape
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Marlea 'Mia' Criscuolo​

Unsung Hero Award

Honoring a home office associate who routinely demonstrates our values “behind the spotlight.” This associate has a can-do attitude on all occasions, and anticipates the needs of others. The recipient excels at consistently making personal connections.

From left: Veronica Barber, Jean Fiorillo, Tom Grape
Veronica Barber, Jean Fiorillo, Tom Grape

Jean Fiorillo​
Home Office​ ​

President’s Award

Honoring leadership excellence at the senior management level. Criteria includes outstanding leadership performance, modeling Benchmark values and the importance of creating meaningful connections, consistent performance above and beyond the normal call of duty, and ownership for their professional and career development.

From left: Christopher Barstein and Tom Grape
Christopher Barstein and Tom Grape

Chris Barstein

Darrell Harvey Values Award​

Honoring an individual leader exemplifying what it means to Be the Benchmark – committed not only to setting the bar but also to raising it as they model our values. The award is bestowed on an individual who feels Called to Care for our residents, their families and fellow associates. And they value teamwork, knowing we are Better Together in “connecting to what matters.”

From left: Darrell Harvey, Tom Masiello, Tom Grape
Darrell Harvey, Tom Masiello, Tom Grape

Tom Masiello​
Home Office​ ​

One Company Fund Award

Honoring the community best exemplifying the fund’s vision of an associate-supported organization that “does the right thing” by taking care of one another and modeling how we’re Better Together.

From left: Andrea Teichman, Christopher Barstein, Tom Grape

Circle Award

Honoring the community achieving the highest in resident and family satisfaction. Criteria includes: successfully involving families in our business and in the experiences of their resident loved ones, and demonstrating the importance of superior “full-circle” care.

From left: Alison Melahouris, Wendy Brodie, Tom Grape

Ripple Award

Honoring the community achieving the highest associate satisfaction. Criteria includes success in creating the powerful “ripple effect” of excellent leadership; and engendering exceptional results from leading an organization where residents, families and associates understand and feel connected to one another.

From left: Bob Moran, Sandy West, Tom Grape

Navigation Award​

Honoring the community demonstrating the best business and financial results. Criteria includes success in navigating financial management, and building and managing a business that connects with all stakeholders.

From left: Bob Moran, Sylvia Clark, Tom Grape

Peter M. Small Award for Community Excellence

Honoring the community that best integrates the Benchmark trilogy of excellence, talent and fiscal responsibility into its business model. Criteria includes routinely exemplifying our core values, favorable feedback from associates and families, successful financial management, and consistent demonstration of Benchmark’s mission, vision and values.

From left: Peter M. Small, Kathy Hooker, Tom Grape

Community Service Champions

Jesenia Arenas, Capitol Ridge at Providence | Aldene Banton, Middlebrook Farms at Trumbull | Khadija Barka, The Branches of North Attleboro | Donna M. Biskup, Bay Square at Yarmouth | Sabrina A. Burke Gonzalez, Ridgefield Crossings | Jessica Cadrette, The Birches at Concord | Colleen Cahill, The Atrium at Drum Hill | Annette A. Campbell, Harbor Point at Centerville | Linda V. Carr, The Village at South Farms | Cristian Castro, The Village at Brookfield Common | Susana Catino, Greystone Farm at Salem | Vanessa Cifuentes, Cabot Park Village | Krystal Cross, The Atrium at Cardinal Drive | Vanessa Clemons, The Commons in Lincoln | Marianne E. Como, The Village at East Farms | Jacob Cruz, BSL at Woburn | Pamela Davis, Putnam Farm at Danvers | Michelle Demonceau, Haverhill Crossings | Denise Egan, BSL at Forge Hill | Gregory Ellis, River Ridge at Avon | John Erickson, BSL at Waltham Crossings | Catherine A. Fitzgerald, The Arbors at Shelburne | Sandra Faulkenberry, BSL at Billerica Crossings | James Goujon Sr., The Arbors of Bedford | Cynthia Herrera, BSL at Hamden | Martha J. Howes, BSL at Nashua Crossings | Vladimir Jean, The Commons in Lincoln | Kareem H. Jenkins, BSL at Split Rock | Lakeisha Johnson, Carriage Green at Milford | Holly Joslyn, Shrewsbury Crossings | Nadia Lamarre, The Falls at Cordingly Dam | Chantal Lucas, BSL on Clapboardtree | David Maule, The Village at Buckland Court | Steven Marchese, Whisper Woods of Smithtown | Zelda Mayo, Wellington at Hershey’s Mill | Diana L. McSherry, Coachman Square at Woodbridge | Sabina Mehmedovic, Bedford Falls | Nancy Montgomery, Chelmsford Crossings | Josephine Munene, The Commons in Lincoln | Cynthia Norberg, Greenwich Farms at Warwick | Karen O’Rourke, The Atrium at Veronica Drive | William Paoli, The Atrium at Rocky Hill | Marie N. Pierre, The Atrium at Faxon Woods | Michelle Perry, Evans Park at Newton Corner | Linda Prinzhorn, The Village at Kensington Place | Patricia C. Roth, Plymouth Crossings | Elizabeth Rust, Orchard Valley at Wilbraham | Anna M. Sabino, Edgehill | Shannon Schmidt, BSL at Robbins Brook | Ruth Shaw, The Village at Mariner’s Point | Robin Shelgren, Ashland Farm at North Andover | Kidist Sklodosky, Crescent Point at Niantic | Brenda A. Steele, Sturges Ridge of Fairfield | Lindsay Svendsen, Chestnut Park at Cleveland Circle | Susan P. Swan, Tatnuck Park at Worcester | William J., Taranto New Pond Village | Meryxa Varas, Leominster Crossings | Jane S. Whipple, Academy Point at Mystic | Judith Whritenour, The Village at Willow Crossings | Cynthia Wynegar, Blenheim-Newport |

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