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Luciano Parente
Associate, Dining
River Ridge at Avon




Luciano's Story

Growing up in Italy, Luciano Parente and his siblings were immersed in the art their sculptor father created. When Luciano was a young man, his father came to the United States to visit one of his older children who had moved here. “He fell in love with this country,” says Luciano, “and he wanted the rest of us to move here, too.”

After returning to Rome, Luciano’s father sold some of his artwork and divided the money among his kids so they would have funds to move to America and start new lives and careers. Luciano’s new career started in Connecticut when he realized, after arriving, that no one was selling Italian food products. He used the money from his father to open an Italian store in Torrington, Conn., which he ran for 10 years.

With profits from the store, he also opened an Italian restaurant in Farmington, Conn., and named it Rossini’s, his wife, Eleonore’s, maiden name. Together, they cooked, fed and cared for diners until, after 35 years, they closed the restaurant to have more time with their daughters and grandchildren.

After retiring, Luciano decided he wanted to do volunteer work at River Ridge at Avon, a Benchmark Senior Living Community. But they wouldn’t let him volunteer – because everyone there must be paid!

“So I told them to pay me as little as possible,” he says. And that’s how he became a dining services associate!

“The first thing I feel in the morning is the impatience to come to work. I cannot wait to come to work and hug my residents. They really want to be hugged. They feel loved and protected, and I feel the love from them.”

Luciano is one of 5,700 engaged Benchmark associates who truly live out the mission to “Elevate Human Connection” and put people and purpose at the center of everything we do. 

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"I'm lucky because, unlike many, I am always impatient to come to work - I cannot wait to see my residents".

Luciano Parente
Associate, Dining
River Ridge at Avon

"I literally grew up in a senior living community - my mom worked in one not far from here. I can't imagine myself anywhere else!"

Amanda Francis
Director, Community Relations
Benchmark at Forge Hill

"I grew up in this neighborhood. These residents are family to me; we went to the same places and talk all about the old days!"

David Silva
Dining Services Director
Capitol Ridge at Providence

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