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Amanda Francis
Director, Community Relations
Benchmark Senior Living at Forge Hill



Amanda's Story

When Amanda Francis was 13, her mom was the activities assistant at Forge Hill in Franklin, Mass., before it was a Benchmark Senior Living community. She would “hang out” and assist residents with their daily programs, never thinking that, one day, she’d make it her career.

In school, Amanda played field hockey, and when it was time for her mom, who often drove the Forge Hill van, to pick her up, Amanda would be greeted by residents who would cheer when her team won or comfort her when it didn’t.

After finishing college in North Carolina, Amanda decided she wanted to go into health care. Ironically, working with seniors didn’t occur to her until her mom said, “Why don’t you think about senior living?” She started working in the industry, joining Benchmark in 2015, first as a director in memory care and then in traditional care. After successfully serving as Director of Community Relations at Forge Hill, Amanda recently accepted a role at The Falls at Cordingly Dam in nearby Newton, Mass., to gain experience at another Benchmark community.

“What I love about residents in our communities is their stories and how they make me feel. I can have a bad day, come to work, and the residents completely make my day so much better.” Not unlike a few years back when the Forge Hill van filled with Amanda’s “fans” picked her up from those field hockey games and cheered her on!

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"I literally grew up in a senior living community - my mom worked in one not far from here. I can't imagine myself anywhere else!"

Amanda Francis
Director, Community Relations
Benchmark Senior Living at Forge Hill

"Serving our residents, for me, is more than just serving dinner. More importantly, great service and care."

Darrell Swift
Senior Director,
Dining Services
Ashland Farm at North Andover

"I love connecting with the seniors in our programs – watching them come to life."

Kasey Larsen
Program Coordinator,
Memory Care
The Falls at Cordingly Dam

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