Susan Wornick & Benchmark Senior Living

We welcomed Susan Wornick into our homes for years as a television news anchor. She was, and is, the consumer’s best friend, always advocating for us and pointing us in the right direction.

Now Susan is partnering with Benchmark Senior Living.

A caregiver herself, Susan will reveal a side of herself many don’t yet know—the role of an adult child caring for an aging parent. Through events and special occasions, Susan will help provide the education and support families need to help their parents live well.

We invite you to laugh and learn with Susan as she shares lessons on living well from her 101 year-old mother, and takes us inside senior living today.

You can meet Susan in person at a Benchmark Senior Living event. Or send an email about your story or your question, and Susan will respond.

In 2016, Laugh & Learn with Susan Wornick.

Connect with Susan Wornick

Connect with Susan Wornick.
Get the inside story on senior living from Susan Wornick. Here’s how:

Call Susan: 888-375-6162

Email Susan Wornick

Upcoming events to be scheduled. Check back soon.