Senior living communities with Benchmark Senior Living

Vision and Mission

Benchmark Senior Living began as a vision of Thomas H. Grape, Chairman and CEO of Benchmark, to be a great company providing world class senior living experiences. At the beginning and still today, Benchmark works to creatively improve the experience of aging.

Benchmark Senior Living


201 Jones Road Suite 300 West Waltham, MA 02451

Meet the Chairman and CEO — Tom Grape

"I wanted to be in a career that would give me the opportunity to build something tangible. I knew senior living had a great future and I wanted to be in on the ground floor. Of course I didn't do it alone, not by a long shot. From the start, Benchmark has been blessed with a team of incredibly smart, talented, hardworking, high-energy people -- not only in the Home Office in Wellesley, but in each and every one of our communities throughout the Northeast. I love the fact that what I do really touches people's lives in a personal way. I've built office buildings in the past. Who cares if you build another one? But doing this right -- doing senior living right -- that's different. I see it in the letters we get, the lives we touch, the stories we hear."

—Tom Grape, Benchmark Senior Living, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 

Tom Grape, Benchmark Senior Living, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer