This guide should serve as a resource for individuals, families and communities to gain knowledge, take preventative actions and understand the importance of community involvement for this disease.

In this downloadable one-pager, you'll learn about:

  • Signs & Prevention for Alzheimer's Disease
  • General Symptoms and Warning Signs
  • Promoting Brain Health
  • Getting Involved to Help Find a Cure
  • Explore Participating in Clinical Trials
  • Donating and Volunteering

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"Dementia care is an artform and requires the specialized skills of a unique team of care partners. At a Benchmark Mind & Memory Care community, care is tailored to each individual’s needs environment that encourages engagement, stimulates memories, and promotes connections at every stage of life."

-Michelle Tristani, Corporate Director of Mind & Memory Care at Benchmark Senior Living

Bay Square at Yarmouth in Yarmouth, ME