Benchmark Purpose
& Values

Our Purpose

At Benchmark, we transform lives through human connection. That has always been our main purpose. For over 25 years, we have been dedicated to building an organization devoted to caring for others. We understand our residents’ needs and we work with them to help them engage with other individuals, activities, and passions that matter most to them. Our foundation is solid from the ground up because compassion and care lie at the heart of who we are.

We understand the power of creating a strong community, and we know that personal growth and discovery are possible at any stage. We are devoted to the ideals of present, purposeful, and engaged living — of listening and learning, finding strength in the characteristics that make us unique, embracing diversity, and drawing people into a whole and healthy community where together, they can thrive.


Our culture of caring extends across each of our communities and deep within our organization itself. Our associates are crucial members of our team who are dedicated to promoting and cultivating healthy aging in every phase. They are skillful, committed professionals who understand the nuance behind human connection. Being Called to Care means engaging with residents as though they were beloved family members and sharing and celebrating joys and milestones as though they were our own. For us, it is an honor and a privilege to form connections at this level, all for the purpose of providing the very best care. 


We understand that in order to be at our best for our residents and their family members, we have to acknowledge that we are most effective when we work together. We foster healthy group dynamics within our organization, tapping into our own diversity and acknowledging the strengths in our personalities, backgrounds, and life experience – all for the sake of elevating the level of care we offer. We are skilled at supporting each other, sharing our best practices, and calling on each other’s strengths when necessary. We care for each other in these ways so that, collectively, we can provide better care for others and a supportive community for all.


Each day, we take the opportunity to deliver the best care and connection possible. We strive to set the benchmark for excellent care and then raise it. We do this by asking ourselves, and each other, how we can innovate, improve, and grow by evolving in our understanding of human connection, care practices, and overall excellence. We do this not only as individuals but in our organization as a whole by prioritizing open communication and accountability, as well as a willingness to embrace new ways of working. We do all of this to keep us tethered and true to our commitment to excellence in senior care.

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