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4 Tips to Smooth the Transition to Senior Living

Our Benchmark Team’s Top Tips to Ease the Decision-Making
and Move-In Process.

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Moving into senior living is an adjustment not only for seniors, but for their family members as well. Whether your family is still weighing options or already planning a move, here are some of the top tips from our team at Benchmark to smooth the decision and transition.

Be Patient
Know that a transition into senior living is going to take time. It’s a big adjustment and not something that will happen overnight. Give yourself and your loved ones the time they need to get acclimated.

Plan Visits
With so much change happening during a move-in, a familiar face is always nice to see – both families and friends. In fact, you can visit as often as you always have, or more if extra support is needed.

Make your loved one’s new home feel like home.
At Benchmark, our trusted moving partners are dedicated to setting up new residents’ apartments in meaningful ways. You can even work with them to help you figure out which special belongings and pieces of furniture to take from one home to the next. Take inventory of the places in which your loved one spends the most time at home. Focus on favorite spaces and find ways to bring meaningful elements into your loved one’s new space. Make the new space feel like home by bringing items and furniture he or she is used to.

Do a Financial Review
A financial review can facilitate the decision-making process and help ease the financial worries families may have about moving a loved one into senior living. At Benchmark, we offer a Financial Concierge service that can answer questions, help explore alternative payment options, and can put families in touch with services that can also assist veterans in accessing certain benefits they are entitled to.

In our more than 26 years of senior living experience, these four tips have been valuable for so many of our new residents and their loved ones during the transition to senior living. For more tips, guidance and support, we encourage you to get in touch with your local Benchmark Community.

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