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A Lifestyle of Service: Aging with Purpose and Passion in Our Benchmark Communities 

a senior smiling while at a volunteer event

As human beings, one of the most gratifying — and arguably, the most important — responsibilities we have is to help each other. Beyond making personal connections, this means working towards positive changes in our surrounding communities, demonstrating conscious efforts to improve lives other than our own and ultimately feeling all the better for it. Whether it be small gestures or big projects, at Benchmark Senior Living, we believe the power of community service is not only to enrich the lives of our residents, but also to make a meaningful difference in the world around us. 

Throughout the year, our communities are bustling with activity, as residents eagerly participate in a wide array of charitable initiatives. From crafting items for charity bazaars to baking dog biscuits for local animal shelters to knitting hats for infants at local hospitals, our residents demonstrate boundless generosity and creativity. We believe that community service is not just a duty, but a cornerstone of our company’s identity and mission. There’s a profound impact in reaching out and giving back, and through our commitment to community service, we embrace the philosophy that we are all Better Together, striving to create a culture of compassion, connection, and support.

Our communities’ monthly service projects can take many shapes and colors. One of the most beloved traditions is the mitten tree charity event held in December – last year, residents not only knitted and crocheted mittens and hats, but also crafted ornaments and wreaths to sell at a Christmas bazaar, with proceeds benefiting local social services. In addition to traditional crafts, our residents also engage in projects with a direct impact, such as making care bags for chemotherapy patients – putting together handmade bags filled with essentials like lotion, lip balm, and snacks, showing kindness and empathy towards those undergoing difficult medical treatments. Additionally, our commitment to community service extends beyond traditional charity work. We’ve organized events like “Coffee with Cops,” where residents have the opportunity to engage with local law enforcement, fostering positive relationships and promoting safety awareness within our community all while enjoying coffee and pastries. 

One of our communities formed a Volunteer and Outreach Committee to determine projects. When residents were asked about what issues they were passionate about, many spoke on the struggles experienced by mothers, either from personal experience or those they’ve known in the past. Hoping to aid this resource strain, the community organized a collection drive that donated diapers and wipes for young moms. This was facilitated by Aaron’s Presents, an organization founded by Leah Okimoto and named in honor of her late son, which helps local children involve themselves in community service projects. This intergenerational service project not only empowered both residents and members of the community, but was also a true act of love and compassion. 

Looking ahead to spring, there are almost too many projects slated to count: Project Linus, which is an organization that collects handmade blankets and distributes them to police and fire units, as well as the Teddy Bear Project, which gifts handmade teddy bears and donates them to local children are just some examples.  Our residents are excited to continue their efforts with new initiatives, such as starting vegetable plants from seeds to give away to those in need. Also included is a recent partnership with local organizations that provide Easter baskets to families and hosting egg hunts for our residents and their families, spreading joy and camaraderie within our community. 

At Benchmark Senior Living, our service projects are not just about giving back; they’re about empowering our residents to be active participants in shaping their communities. Through collaboration, leadership, and a shared sense of purpose, our residents are making a tangible difference in the lives of others. Engaging in community service not only benefits those we serve outside our walls but also enhances the quality of life within our communities. By fostering a spirit of giving and volunteerism among our residents and associates, we create vibrant environments where individuals can find purpose and fulfillment beyond their personal needs. Whether it’s organizing food drives, donating handmade items, or participating in social aid initiatives, our community service efforts not only contribute to the wellbeing of others but also strengthen the bonds within our own community. 

At Benchmark Senior Living, we aim to inspire positive change and set an example for others in the industry, showcasing the transformative power of compassionate care and collective action. Together, we’re redefining what it means to age gracefully, with purpose, passion, and a commitment to service. Join us in celebrating the spirit of giving and empowerment at Benchmark, where every act of kindness, no matter how small, has the power to make a big difference.

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