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After 78 years, friends connect again at Benchmark Senior Living

They hadn't seen each other for 78 years. Then Roderick MacLeod came across a photo of his boyhood friend Stanley Gird in Benchmark Senior Living's 2016 Moments Calendar.

The two graduated in 1938 from Brighton High School in Brighton, Massachusetts and had not seen each other since. Stanley now lives in Benchmark Senior Living at Billerica Crossings, Billerica, Massachusetts, and Roderick lives in Benchmark Senior Living at Shrewsbury Crossings, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. The two communities are within a short drive of each other.

When the two old friends met for the first time in 78 years, it was apparent that it was a special day for both.

“Just seeing you again today,” Roderick said quietly, as he looked intently at his old friend. “That’s the best part.”

Recent research on senior living communities tells us that seniors enjoy such arrangements because they foster friendships, neighborliness, and mutual support. The study “Close Relationships: Liking and Loving Over the Long Term” by the University of Maryland also finds that social connectedness and companionship can lead to better health and wellness.

For two old friends who are friends once again, Roderick and Stanley show us the friendships and support that are such a big part of living at Benchmark.

You can learn more about Benchmark Senior Living, our social programs, and our uniquely designed communities by visiting our website. We bring seniors together in ways that make living in a seniors community a truly social affair.


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