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Be Kind to Humankind Week

Be Kind to Humankind Week is an annual celebration of kindness recognized globally from August 25th – 31st every year. It serves as a meaningful reminder to extend kindness to others and reflect on how we can better serve our communities. At Benchmark, kindness is the cornerstone of all our core values, driving our commitment to excellence in senior living.

The kindness of our associates shines through in everything they do. Our associates embody what it means to be Called to Care by naturally extending the same empathy to our residents as they would to their own loved ones. Kindness is also central to our belief that we’re Better Together. Fostering a work environment built on respect and support among our teams directly translates to exceptional care for our residents. This foundation is what allows us to Be the Benchmark in senior living, setting us apart through the meaningful connections our associates build with residents.

At Benchmark, we believe in recognizing our associates for going the extra mile and spreading kindness. That’s why every year, our Compassionate Caregiver Award is given to an employee who provides residents with superior care and service. Out of 350 associates nominated by residents and families, Heather True of Haverhill Crossings was selected as this year’s winner. Heather was recognized for providing excellent care in addition to living by our ethos of connecting with residents on a meaningful, personal level.

We actively encourage spreading kindness in various ways at Benchmark. When new residents move in, they’re greeted by a welcome committee that helps ensure they feel right at home from the beginning. We offer opportunities for our residents to volunteer their time and skills to local organizations and nonprofits. Some find it rewarding to offer a helping hand to community neighbors or to donate to causes close to their hearts. Even in reaching out to friends and family with love and appreciation, our residents play a vital role in making a positive impact.

Another way we champion kindness is through the Benchmark One Company Fund. Founded in 2007, by Tom Grape, the One Company Fund is a non-profit organization that provides support to our associates in times of need, in the aftermath of natural disasters, and in the face of other unexpected financial emergencies. It has supported numerous associates by distributing millions of dollars to those facing unforeseen financial circumstances.

The most admirable part of the Fund is that our associates fundraise and contribute to it alongside our donors. In Tom Grape’s words, it “speaks to the generosity and commitment our associates and corporate sponsors have to supporting the individuals who care for and bring so much happiness to our residents.” In its 15-year history, the OCF has raised over $6 million. It’s just one more incredible way that everyone at Benchmark shows kindness.

During Be Kind to Humankind Week, we encourage everyone to join us in spreading kindness in various ways within their local circles. Even small acts of kindness make a big difference – such as buying flowers for a loved one “just because” or offering to help run errands for a friend. It can be as easy as sharing a smile, giving a compliment, or saying “good morning” to people you pass by. Let us remember that kindness is not merely a once-a-year celebration, but a daily practice that can uplift spirits, bring us closer together, and make a profound difference in the lives of others. Together, let’s make the world a kinder place, because the more kindness we share, the brighter our collective future will be.

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