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Celebrate “Read a New Book Month” with some of these fantastic titles.

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As the chilly grip of winter slowly takes hold, it’s time for our favorite cold-weather activity — sinking into a comfortable chair with a thick blanket, a cup of tea and a great book. According to our recent survey, we’re not alone, as 36% of our Benchmark residents agree — reading is their favorite activity. 

“I’m a reader, I read everything. I read the newspaper, I read books, I’ll read anything you give me. I’m compelled with reading – compulsive I guess the word is.” 

-Resident at Ridgefield Crossings

Diving into a good story is not only enjoyable but highly beneficial for seniors. Research has shown that reading is linked to enhanced memory function, an increased attention span/focus and better sleep. Studies have even linked reading with delaying the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s for older adults. In other words, it can do much more than provide entertainment or information. 

Nearly all Benchmark communities have active book clubs, voracious readers and even a few published authors, like Lynne Alpern and Jan Howard. So if you’re not sure what title you should start next or are just looking for a great holiday gift, here are a few recommendations from our residents as we celebrate “Read a New Book Month:” 

Of course, we are well aware that reading isn’t always the easiest as we age. But thankfully there are few ways to get past these obstacles. For starters, e-reading devices (like the Kindle, Kobo or Nook) offer backlit screens, adjustable type size and eliminate the need for page turning — perfect for those with arthritis. Large type print books, audio books, reading lights, book holders and even magnifying glasses have also proven quite effective. 

And of course, if your loved one still finds reading to be too difficult, you can read — or listen to — a book together. There is nothing quite like bonding over a good story. 

Please reach out to us and share any book titles you’d like to recommend to our communities. And, of course, happy reading!

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