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Celebrating Independence at Benchmark

As we grow older, the importance of maintaining personal independence – even in smaller moments like buttoning a shirt or preparing a meal – can become a prominent point of consideration. At Benchmark Senior Living, we take pride in cultivating an environment that encourages autonomy and healthy aging for our residents. We know that promoting independence among older adults contributes to overall well being, and that autonomy fosters a sense of self-worth and can serve as an important protective factor against any mental hardships that may come. 

In celebrating this year’s National Senior Independence Month, we aim to uplift all angles of healthy living, whether it be socially, physically, emotionally, or mentally. At Benchmark, we see to it that transitioning to a life in our community is just another next step in living an independent lifestyle. We promote autonomy by narrowing the gap between what you can do and what you want to do. With extensive expertise in assisted living, we challenge the misconception that “independence” means solely residing at home. 

Engaging Programming & Accessible Amenities

Keeping the mind and body stimulated is an important key to feeling in control. Our communities offer a diverse range of engaging programming to promote wellness and keep the heart fulfilled. Residents participate based on their interests and abilities, fostering a vibrant and active lifestyle. Sometimes, you can feel the most independent  when you’re surrounded by others, such as participating in group outings or weekly Trivia Nights – a sense of community goes a long way. more personalized hobbies, such as painting or a moment of self-care in the salon, can really assist to strengthen a resident’s sense of self. 

Benchmark communities are designed with accessible amenities allowing people to do more than they could have at home, including fitness centers, barbershops, salons, walking paths, communal areas, and libraries. These features facilitate independent living and social interactions, ensuring that our residents can enjoy a connected, well-kept community.

Supportive Associates & Meaningful Connections 

At Benchmark, maintaining independence isn’t a job done alone. We know that it takes support, reliability, and trust, which is why our team of associates is dedicated to providing help with what you need when you need it. The connections made between associates and residents provide a sense of community and encouragement but, relying on others doesn’t mean abandoning self-reliance. Maintaining independence is a continuous journey, and Benchmark residents know it’s one they’ll never be alone in, offering help and compassion without impeding on autonomy. 

Uplifting Individuality 

Possessing a robust sense of self enhances a sense of independence. Everyday practices like folding laundry and culinary preferences are simple, but their importance shouldn’t be overlooked. We encourage residents to personalize their apartments with furniture, artwork, and family photos but also tailor the living experience to align with their distinct personal preferences. This can also extend to daily meals — while you can still cook up your favorite foods in a community’s private kitchen, our dining services provide access to daily well-balanced meals, complete with menus accommodating special dietary restrictions and meals offered. Adaptable dining choices empower residents to select their meals and the time at which they dine, offered through our all-day dining, while preserving their independence.

Customized Care Plans 

At Benchmark, we recognize that each individual has unique needs, and our five levels of care offer tailored care plans aimed at meeting every residents’ needs. From assisted living or Mind and Memory care, we work with each resident in their daily routines and activities. How independence manifests is unique to any given resident, so our mission embraces the differences in everyone’s capabilities, managing realistic goals and expectations. Whether it’s assistance with medication management, housekeeping, or personal care, our goal is to enhance their quality of life while respecting their autonomy. 

Choice and Self-Determination 

Residents at Benchmark Senior Living are encouraged to make decisions regarding their lifestyle, healthcare, and daily tasks, and this empowerment ensures that they maintain a sense of control however they choose, enhancing a sense of well-being. There’s no rulebook on how each individual can feel like their strongest self, but having the freedom to enjoy personal passions, curate each day, and feel supported throughout – these are the things we know make a big difference. 

There’s no denying that specific age-related health conditions, such as changes in eyesight or mobility challenges, can affect tasks traditionally linked with autonomy, such as driving or living independently. Nevertheless, we’re committed to the tried and true practices that uphold independence as we grow older. Whether you’re considering the move to one of our communities or preparing for the conversation with a loved one, Benchmark is committed to creating an environment where seniors thrive, embracing life with independence, dignity, and joy.

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