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Celebrating National Assisted Living Week: A Season of Reflection 

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September 10th – 16th marks National Assisted Living Week, and with it, a celebration of all the ways assisted living communities enrich the lives of seniors. This year’s theme is “Season of Reflection,” which encapsulates what it means for residents to look inward and feel gratitude. This is a sentiment Benchmark embraces across all of our assisted living communities, as we continually encourage our residents to make the most of every day and continue living life to its fullest.

National Assisted Living Week presents the perfect opportunity to celebrate our residents and the associates who are called to care for them. It’s a time to focus on our residents’ passions and accomplishments along with their needs, so that we can foster a greater sense of personal connection and truly be better together. Being the benchmark, one of our core values, in senior care means that we constantly strive to create environments where residents feel secure, empowered, active, and engaged, no matter how their care needs evolve.

Our assisted living communities are here to provide the right amount of support at the right times, helping residents whenever they need it. Benchmark communities provide the perfect balance between independence and assistance, allowing residents to devote more time to their passions and making connections. When everyday tasks like cleaning and cooking are taken care of, our residents are freer to focus on the things that matter to them, like spending quality time with friends and loved ones, pursuing their passions, exploring our programming calendar, enjoying delicious meals and relishing life’s precious moments. 

We understand that each resident’s journey is unique. That’s why we offer a range of care levels and programs within our communities, ensuring that residents’ needs are met with compassion and expertise. Our personalized care plans allow residents to maintain their dignity and independence while receiving the necessary support for daily living tasks.  With different care levels ranging from minimal support to advanced care we can work to assist in supporting and empowering our residents with high levels of care. 

As welcome together to celebrate National Assisted Living Week under the banner theme of “Season of Reflection,” we invite you to join us in honoring the spirit of our residents and the devotion of our associates. This week is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, the power of connections, and the joy that every day brings. Together, let’s seize the day and make the most of all the moments shared within our Assisted Living communities – big or small.

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