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Embrace the Sunshine: Summer Fun Programming at Benchmark

The world seems to glow with a refreshed energy during summertime. At Benchmark, we believe in making the most of the beautiful summer season by taking full advantage of our vibrant outdoor spaces – our patios, courtyards, walking paths and gardens are not just for decoration; they are hubs of activity, wellness, and socialization – and exciting excursion-based programming, where residents can enjoy vibrant local culture, beaches, and soak up the sun. Here’s a glimpse into the exciting summer programming we have lined up for our residents, offering a perfect blend of fun and health benefits.

  • The Health Benefits of Getting Outside: The benefits of spending time outdoors, especially for seniors, are profound. Studies from the American Cancer Society and other large epidemiological studies have shown that spending time in nature can significantly improve physical and mental health. Seniors who walk just under two hours per week have a lower risk of death, better life expectancy, and reduced rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and mental illness. Access to nature also lowers rates of depression, enhances immune system functioning, and reduces blood pressure and inflammation. Simply put, being outdoors can decrease feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression, while boosting overall well-being.
  • Gardening and Planting: Nurturing Nature: Our residents love getting their hands dirty in our raised flower beds. Gardening is a wonderful way to stay active, enjoy the fresh air, and reap the therapeutic benefits of connecting with nature. Whether planting new flowers or tending to the vegetables and herbs, the joy of seeing something grow brings immense satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Walking Groups and Lawn Games: Walking groups are a great way to stay fit and enjoy the company of friends. Our communities and residents organize walks around our beautiful grounds and local parks, helping our residents stay active and engaged while admiring the season’s verdant greenery. For those who love a bit of friendly competition, lawn games like cornhole, horseshoes, bocci, and putting greens are a hit. These activities not only promote physical health but also foster social connections and fun.
  • Beach Trips, Picnics and Summer Concerts: What’s summer without a trip to the beach or a picnic in the park? Our residents relish these outings, where they can enjoy the sun, sand, and surf or the serenity of a lush park. These trips are perfect for creating lasting memories, reminiscing on old ones and soaking up the summer vibes. Many towns where our communities are located host summer outdoor concerts, and some of our communities even host their own! These events are a delightful way to enjoy music, dance, socialize in a lively atmosphere, and get to know new neighbors and friends. Additionally, we move our exercise programs outdoors when possible, allowing residents to breathe in the fresh air while staying fit. From yoga sessions to aerobic exercises, being outdoors helps make these activities even more enjoyable. 
  • Sweet Treats and Social Hours: Our ice cream trips are always a favorite. There’s nothing like enjoying a scoop of your favorite flavor on a warm summer day. Our communities also host social hours outdoors, where residents can relax, chat, and enjoy refreshments in the beautiful weather. This also includes National S’mores Day, a highlight of our summer programming. We gather around campfires to enjoy delicious s’mores, share stories, and spend the summer evening together. This cozy activity is a perfect blend of fun, nostalgia, and of course – marshmallows. 
  • Community and Volunteer Engagement: We’re grateful for the volunteers who visit our communities over the summer, including high school and college students. They bring energy, youthful enthusiasm, and fresh perspectives, engaging our residents in various activities. We also host mini petting zoos and visits to therapeutic horse farms, bringing joy and therapeutic benefits to our residents through interactions with animals.

At Benchmark, we are dedicated to creating a vibrant, healthful, and joyful summer experience for our residents. By embracing the outdoors, we foster a community where seniors can thrive physically, mentally, and socially. Come join us and make this summer unforgettable!


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