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Guiding a Family in Making an Informed Decision

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Thank you for stopping by to read the final segment in our series on how to help older adults and their family make an informed choice about senior living. We’ve tried to offer an objective look at what is most important in making this decision and how families can ask questions to weigh their options.

This week our series wraps up by discussing why families should learn more about an organization’s dedication to its associates. A “people first” approach to senior living community empowers associates.

That’s important because when associates feel valued and supported, they are free to be truly present in caring for residents. The environment that results is one where residents, families and associates build meaningful connections.

Questions to Share with Seniors and Their Family Members
While visitors can sometimes feel the positive energy in a senior living community, there are deeper questions that should be asked of each provider.

Here are a few you can share with the patients or families you are working with:

• Has the provider been recognized for how well they treat associates during the past year? If so, what organization bestowed the award?
• How are associates rewarded for their dedication and commitment to residents?
• Is there a formal program for supporting associates who experience a personal crisis of their own?
• What is included in the benefit program offered to associates?

If family members ask these questions of each provider they are considering, the answers will help them feel more confident that they are gaining a true picture of what is important to the organization.

Our final suggestion is to encourage families to seek out testimonials. Ask the community you are visiting if they have any testimonials from current residents or family members? Ask around their workplace to find out if any colleagues have a loved one in a senior living community. Read senior review sites and social media platforms to see what other families have to say about each community they might be considering. Word of mouth can be valuable in making this decision.

Benchmark Home Visits
We also want to make sure our professional partners are aware of the Benchmark Home Visit program. This complimentary service might give you peace of mind that a patient you are working with has an opportunity to have their questions answered by an experienced associate. All in the privacy of the senior’s (or caregiver’s) own home.

Whether it is assessing how an organization holds itself accountable, how to recognize excellence in senior living or what it means to be committed to residents and associates, we hope you’ve found the information in this series to be helpful.

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