How a Passion for Care Makes a Better Senior Lifestyle

At Benchmark Senior Living, we pride ourselves on the superior care we provide to all of our residents. We prioritize the emotional well-being of our residents. We know that feeling seen and cared for are all vital components to a healthy mind and body—especially with seniors who often experience the many challenges that come with aging. To help live longer and more fulfilling lives, it’s essential that our residents are engaged and know that beyond their physical needs, their mental and emotional needs are also being met.

And that makes all the difference, and why at Benchmark, it’s so vital that we only hire associates who are truly Called to Care. Our associates play an incredibly important part in the happiness of our residents.

So when deciding the next steps in senior living, it’s important to ensure the community you are considering has a team that truly believes in supporting residents and helping improve their lives – and at Benchmark, that’s something we do best. Whether it is our engaging programming, mealtime togetherness, or simple day-to-day connections while walking through the community, the relationships built between residents and associates are what make life at Benchmark so enjoyable.

“The satisfaction you get after helping a senior, it’s a different kind of feeling. It’s a different reward knowing that you’ve helped somebody,” says Dana Myers, a Resident Care Director at a Benchmark community. “You’re really able to provide compassionate, supportive care to these lovely residents. When I started working here, it was a bonus that I gained 100 grandparents just in one day!”

Human connection is at the foundation of our purpose at Benchmark. This is demonstrated by our associates, whose commitment and passion for what they do makes it more than “just a job.” From cultivating a supportive environment, to the sense of satisfaction gained from their work, our associates seek to create a community that residents can truly thrive in. Each day holds the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships and meaningful connections, which are essential for helping to maintain a healthy, happy life.

That’s what makes us different and why we continue to set the Benchmark each and every day.

Exceptional Quality of Care and Quality of Life

Family or friends of our residents can be confident that their loved ones are receiving personalized care – our skilled associates understand the unique needs of each resident, promoting both health and happiness. A holistic dedication to the health of the individual means meeting residents where they are and working alongside them. Not only that, but the physical and mental benefits of authentic social bonds made at Benchmark can help promote a healthier journey through old age.

Ensuring Safety and Security

Our associates foster a warm and caring environment for residents, encompassing tasks ranging from medication administration to assisting with daily dressing and bathing (as per the needs of the resident). Our associates cultivate an uplifting and positive lifestyle, providing the right support for residents to maintain their engagement and dignity.

Effective Communication and Comfort for Families

With our compassionate associates at the helm, residents and their families or loved ones can be assured that our residents are receiving care and support from skilled individuals who are passionate about their jobs. Our associates not only fulfill the crucial role of caregivers but also serve as friends and confidants to residents. Beyond physical assistance, they forge meaningful connections, offer friendship, and provide emotional support, building genuine relationships with residents to truly understand and fulfill their needs.

As Tom Grape, our founder, chairman, and CEO puts it, our associates “have created a welcoming and supportive environment for each other and, of course, for our residents.” Our associates are so much of what makes Benchmark communities – and the lives of those within them – such an amazing place to live.