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How to Choose a Senior Living Community

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When the time comes to select a senior living community, we are here to help you, your loved ones or the people in your care find the right solution. This is an important, confusing and often emotional process. Use this guide to help navigate your journey’s initial stages and ensure the right place is chosen at the right time.

When choosing a senior living solution, it’s important to first understand the different levels of care available so you can then work with your family or a healthcare professional to determine what the best fit might be. And don’t forget – our staff is always here to help.

Independent Living: Stay active while living independently. Independent Living communities give residents the privacy of their own apartment home where we do all the upkeep with the added benefit of active community living.

Assisted Living: A little help each day, only what’s needed. By gaining just a little bit (or even a lot) of help from our dedicated, seasoned and skilled staff, you, your loved ones or those in your care can rest assured everyday life will be made that much easier.

Memory Care: Dementia diagnosis support. Memory Care offers cognitive, social, and physical support for residents and their families.

Skilled Nursing: All the benefits of assisted living with ‘round-the-clock supportive nursing care and rehabilitation. Skilled nursing offers personalized, needs-based care with additional medical capabilities for those with advanced care needs.

Respite Care: Short-term help and support. Respite Care offers supportive healthcare services and social engagement to help residents and their families get care coverage when they need it.

Once the level of care has been explored or established, the decisions that come next involve the desired location and finances.

As the largest senior living provider in New England with 64 communities, Benchmark offers more options and a greater chance of being and staying closer to those in your life. Benchmark also offers a Financial Concierge service that gives structured, compassionate advice about how to manage the finances of senior living at any level.

If you’re searching on behalf of a loved one, it’s vital to include them in the process. Share your research, and have discussions about their preferences. We encourage you and your loved one to come visit a Benchmark community and if needed, you can even schedule a virtual tour. This will help your family get a better sense of what all of our communities offer and how it would feel to be a resident. Senior living communities can differ greatly, so we love to show off how our dining options, activities, staff, shared spaces and apartments set us apart. It is truly our overall sense of community, however, that makes Benchmark feel like home.

Benchmark is an award-winning senior living company with over 25 years in the industry. Devoted to transforming lives through human connection, we make it easy to find a place to belong. Each community offers chef-prepared seasonal menus in family-style dining rooms, a holistic and engaging activities program, plus a team of dedicated, caring associates that take their work to heart. The relationships between Benchmark team members and their residents truly speak for themselves. One of our associates, Pam Fain, joined our team after her own mother moved into a Benchmark community. Pam was impressed with the way we welcomed her mother and helped make it a smooth transition for the entire family. This positive introduction to the Benchmark community inspired Pam to apply for a job at one of our communities and use her experience caring for others in a new environment.

To ensure that you feel comfortable with how and by whom you, your loved ones or those in your care will be cared for, we’ve compiled some important questions to ask when touring different senior living communities. These other questions will help you gather information about how each community is run, and sometimes, it’s vital to ask how a community might handle a senior’s living situation as the level of care might change over time.

Most importantly, choosing a senior living community is about finding the right place, at the right time. Click the link below to help understand where to begin and narrow down your, your, loved one’s, or someone in your care’s ideal senior living options.

Learn more about how Benchmark Senior Living can support your family’s transition.

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