One Company. One Fund. Countless Associates Supported

Learn more about Benchmark’s One Company Fund, a non-profit organization created to help associates in times of need.

Nurse posing for photo

Our associates go to work every day to care for and support seniors when they need it most. And when our associates need the same, Benchmark’s One Company Fund is there for them. The One Company Fund was created as a way for Benchmark to minimize financial burdens for associates experiencing hardships like natural disasters, family illness, death and other unexpected challenges.

The One Company Fund is made up entirely of contributions by our associates and external donors. Our three annual golf tournaments are some of our greatest fundraising efforts; each outing is sponsored by Benchmark associates and business partners and helps us raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. Associates may also contribute by choosing to donate a portion of their paycheck to the fund, or through one-time payments.

The One Company Fund was there to help in 2018 when associates living in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover were displaced by gas explosions. The fund distributed $3,000 in emergency gift cards to more than 30 associates, while additional support was given to those displaced for greater lengths of time.

In this year alone, The One Company Fund has provided nearly $280,000 in grants to almost 400 associates. When an earthquake struck in Haiti this past August, $500 grants were offered to any associate whose family was directly impacted. And another $23,000 was donated to associates affected by COVID-19.

Just as our associates answer the call to care for our residents, Benchmark’s One Company Fund answers the call to care for them. We welcome you to join us in our mission. Next time you’re shopping on Amazon, consider shopping through and select Benchmark One Company Fund – Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase to the fund.