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Caremerge app on smartphone

After your loved one moves into senior living, you might wonder, “How will I know what they’re doing throughout the day?” As much as you would like to visit your loved one every day, that’s probably not always feasible given your commitments to work, your spouse, your children and others. Still, you want to ensure that your family member is truly engaged in their senior living community.

At Benchmark communities, the solution is simple: Through our partnership with the Caremerge application, families can elect to receive an alert to their smartphone each time their loved one attends a program. You will also receive daily, weekly and monthly overviews for each program they’ve attended, with details about the various dimensions of wellness in which they participated.

In addition to receiving alerts, families can also connect with a loved one’s caregivers through the app by texting a program director to ask how their family member is doing. Then, the program director can respond with a picture of their loved one engaged in an activity. This way, families get an inside look at the community — even when they can’t be physically present.

Families can also view the community’s monthly calendar through the Caremerge application, which is helpful when it comes to planning visits. If there’s an outing at 2:00 one day, for example, you can plan a visit for later in the afternoon or evening so you’re sure to see your loved one.

There are many similar providers for this type of service. As you search for senior care, ask upfront what service your senior living community offers. Anything that provides a direct line of communication — and peace of mind — is a valuable family resource.

If you’re just starting this journey, consider taking this 5-minute survey to assess your situation and determine whether it’s the right time for senior living for you or your loved one.

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