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Spring into Spring Cleaning

Spring is the perfect time to declutter and downsize in preparation for a move into senior living.

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As the weather gets nicer and the days get longer, people get motivated to clean and declutter their homes. For seniors, this can be difficult physically, but in the end can be extremely beneficial. When preparing for a move into a senior living community like Benchmark, it’s important to bring things you care about. Here are some tips to get started on cleaning and organizational tasks.

Get the family involved.
By getting family or friends involved in the task of cleaning and decluttering your home, it becomes easier and more enjoyable. Sometimes it’s good to get a second opinion about what things are worth keeping – as well as an extra hand on those tougher cleaning jobs. Passing down some of these items to family members can give you peace of mind that something meaningful to you is going to someone you love. Getting family or friends to help can also spark fun memories and create new ones as well.

Make a checklist.
It’s easy to forget things once you get started, but with a checklist, you can keep track of which tasks are done and what still needs to be completed. Creating a schedule can also be helpful if the chores need to be broken up over days or weeks. Cleaning out the medicine cabinet, getting rid of expired food in the pantry, or donating old clothes that don’t get worn are just some ideas to get you started. A checklist helps to streamline the process and make sure nothing gets forgotten.

Put it to music.
Make the job a little more enjoyable by simply adding music. Your favorite songs can help the process feel less tedious and make time fly by. Think about it like a workout. Spring cleaning can get the blood pumping, so why not make it a fun and fitness-friendly task. Singing, dancing along and cleaning to the beat are all helpful ways to make tidying up go by fast.

Yes, no, maybe-so.
Getting rid of things, especially with sentimental value, can be difficult. It’s important to avoid keeping things that don’t get used as much. By having someone there for a second opinion and creating multiple piles of items labeled yes, no and maybe can help you determine what you actually need and want to keep and what can instead be discarded or donated. This helps make decisions easier and can help you weigh your options for a more efficient process.

Cleaning can be rewarding. By following these tips, you can make spring cleaning easier on you and narrow down the beloved items that will be a part of your new home. This process will make your transition to senior living easier. At Benchmark, you can always bring your personal items to make your place feel even more like home.

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