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The 2023 Must-Reads of Benchmark’s Booklovers

As the sun goes down and frost begins to cloud the window panes, there’s no better way to counteract the cold than with a hot drink and a good book. 

Book Club is a hallmark of social life at Benchmark, with active groups at nearly all of our communities. Avid readers can be found around every corner at Benchmark, as can writers – among them include Robert Mackin, author of the novel Jackhammer, Kevin VanAnglen, a former Boston University professor of literature and author of seven books, and many more passionate writers in our communities. The warmth of a well-told story is appreciated by many residents in our Benchmark communities, as is the togetherness that a reading community brings – so much so that our resident readers have compiled a list of their favorite titles. 

Across our 64 communities, resident readers have compiled a “must-read” list of the books they’ve most enjoyed in 2023. Take a look down below to find your next read or pick up a copy for that booklover in your life. 

Many of these titles and hundreds more can be found within our Benchmark community libraries. And while we can all appreciate the feeling of well-worn pages between our fingers, with just a few simple taps, these books can be delivered to e-readers for easy, accessible reading. You can even bond with friends or family members by listening to an audiobook together. And with the holiday season approaching, it’s just as easy to gift any of these recommended titles to a beloved bookworm in your life, whether that be hardcover, e-reader, or audiobook. 

Reading can be a soothing wind-down at the end of the day, or a portal into another world – but it’s also a great means of meeting and bonding with others. Stories have the power to bring us together no matter our age, and gathering to share your reading experiences is a pathway to broader emotional connections. The pleasure of a good story transcends age, but consistent reading has also proven to be highly beneficial for seniors – studies have linked regular reading with enhanced memory function, better sleep, and even the delay of onset dementia. 

Reading at Benchmark can introduce you to new characters both inside and out of the pages, and Book Club is only one of the many programming offerings that is enjoyed within our communities – residents can engage in musical performances, physical exercise, cooking demonstrations and more.  Whether you’ve got a hobby or an obsession, you’re bound to find enjoyment with it at Benchmark.

It’s never too late to find joy in something new. And as we enter the holiday season and into the new year, there’s never been a better time to begin a new resolution. If this list inspires you or a loved one to pick back up on the habit of reading, our Benchmark Book Clubs would be thrilled to hear it! We also encourage readers to reach out and share any book titles beyond this list that you think the members of our community may enjoy. Happy reading! 

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