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The Six Dimensions of Wellness

At Benchmark, we believe that aging comes with the opportunity to make new friends, learn new things and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle. Our programming is an essential component of our residents’ lives, offering multiple benefits, including promoting healthy aging, contributing to self-worth, inspiring a sense of belonging, and creating opportunities for our residents to make connections with others who share their interests.

We strive to offer more than just a set schedule, our focus is on life enrichment and making the most of every moment. That is why all of our programming is designed based on the Six Dimensions of Wellness; Intellectual, Sense of Purpose, Physical, Spiritual, Social, and Emotional. And for our Mind and Memory Care residents, we have an added Sensory program.  

Let’s take a closer look at the different aspects of our programming:


Our intellectual programming is designed to stimulate the brain to help keep it active. These programs can help promote cognitive functioning, improve memory, and increase attention spans. Our residents can participate in reading groups, attend guest speaker presentations, engage in discussions, play word games, participate in trivia nights, or learn new languages as just a few of our offerings. These activities help to foster mental acuity and leave our residents feeling fulfilled and sharp.

Sense of Purpose

Our Sense of Purpose programming is aimed at helping residents feel a sense of community, belonging, and accomplishment. We offer our residents volunteering opportunities where they can give back to those in need and grow a sense of fulfillment. We also have community councils where residents can offer suggestions and take an active role in the decision-making process in their community. Welcome committees help new residents feel at home, while existing residents can take pride in contributing to making their community a welcoming environment. We encourage our residents to participate in community outreach and engage with the world outside our community.


We believe that physical health is an integral part of aging gracefully. Some of the physical activities our residents can participate in are activities like yoga, strength training, zumba, Benchmark Strong and walking clubs. These help to promote functional capacity and physical wellbeing. Our activities are designed not just for fitness, but to encourage a sense of fun and fulfillment in getting active.


Understanding and respecting our residents’ personal beliefs is crucial to us. We understand that spirituality is an integral part of many of our residents’ lives, and that is why we tailor our spiritual programs to meet their preferences. We offer the opportunity to participate in services of multiple faiths and non-denominational services, meditation, and celebrations of life along with many other spiritual programs. These programs help our residents continue to have an active spiritual life in a supportive and loving community.


We organize social programs aimed at helping our residents create new friendships and maintain their existing relationships. For example, we have chef demonstrations, happy hours, birthday parties, card and game clubs, and other activities that encourage socialization. We also encourage our residents to participate in community outreach and engage with the world outside our community. This can include group social outings, in which residents visit local restaurants, local ice cream shops, parks, and more. Positive relationships promote a sense of accomplishment, mental clarity, and self-worth.


Our Emotional programs create an environment where our residents can express their feelings, reduce stress and find balance and joy. Our residents can engage in gardening, arts and crafts, cooking and baking to name a few.  This programming helps to create a nurturing environment where everyone can support one another emotionally.

Residents can also take advantage of support groups to find help in dealing with difficult stages such as grief or additional emotional topics. Everyone has a built-in network of support and relief that assures no thought or need goes unheard. 


In addition to the 6 Dimensions of Programming listed above, we also provide a rich sensory program to cater to the varying cognitive abilities and sensory needs of those residents who live in Mind and Memory Care Neighborhoods. These programs can include hands-on baking, aromatherapy, pet therapy, massage, and music therapy and more. The idea behind sensory stimulation is that objects can trigger memories and emotions in people with dementia. Stimulating taste, smell, vision, hearing, and touch can help people with dementia recall positive thoughts and emotions. Our programs can be customized to accommodate residents who need additional support.

At Benchmark, we believe that our programming provides numerous benefits to our community. It helps keep our residents sharp, healthy, engaged, and cultivate a sense of purpose and community. Programming offers our residents a wide range of opportunities for connecting, learning, and growing. By focusing on the Six Dimensions of Wellness, we can continue to create programming that supports and enriches the lives of our residents.

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