The Benchmark Approach to Pricing


With currently 58 communities in 8 states, Benchmark Senior Living is the largest provider in New England. Benchmark has been in business for over 20 years and offers independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and short-term rehabilitation.

At Benchmark, most of our communities offer monthly residency fees for assisted living and memory care apartments. Care & Medication fees are based on care and medication needs as determined by a nursing assessment. 

Care is on the resident’s time, not ours — which allows associates to connect with residents versus a purely task-oriented approach. Assessments are completed prior to move in, 30 and 60 days post move in, or at any time a resident has an apparent change of condition. Family meetings are set up to discuss any changes in a resident’s health or care needs.

As care and medication needs increase, the cost of care increases as well. Benchmark provides care to the full extent that state law allows, with the best interest of the resident at its core. All communities are staffed with trained resident care associates, LPNs, RNs and department heads. 

There are some communities within Benchmark that offer an all-inclusive plan where most care is included in the residency fee.  

Benchmark posts our “starting at” rate pricing for residency fees on the community website. Check it out here. 

At the time of move in, most communities charge a one-time community fee — covering such services as the resident’s initial nursing assessment; preparation of the initial service plan; ensuring our new resident enjoys life in our Community during their first few weeks; and collecting first and last month residency fees. 

Also, most providers have ancillary type fees for additional services such as guest meals, transportation, pet services and salon services, which are posted on a schedule of fees.

Benchmark offers a dedicated Financial Concierge service to assist families with key questions and options about alternative solutions to pay for care and financial wellness.

We’re proud of the many rich programs offered to create a stimulating, happy, safe, healthy and nurturing environment. We are committed to ensuring our associates are well-trained and dedicated to delivering not only great service but connecting to what matters for our residents and families. Because that’s what value is all about — and when it comes to a senior living decision, that commitment is priceless.

Top 10 Things to Know About Pricing to Make the Most Informed Decision:
  1. What is included in the residency fee?
  2. How is care evaluated and priced?
  3. How often is care re-evaluated?
  4. What up front costs are there upon move in?
  5. What is the average annual increase?
  6. What other costs should be expected throughout the stay?
  7. Are financial solutions offered?
  8. How often is mom’s financial situation discussed?
  9. What happens when money runs out?
  10. What happens when the level of care exceeds the highest level of care provided?

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