Searching for Senior Care: The Benchmark Perspective



Lalee-stevensMeet Lalee Stevens, a Family Advocate from Benchmark Senior Living.

The role of our family advocates is to help the potential resident and/or family members navigate the search process to find what will be most helpful for them, and provide the resources they need.

Here’s what Lalee has to say about the emotional and practical aspects of searching for care:

When someone is looking for assisted living it can be very difficult emotionally for the family and/or for the potential resident, so it’s extremely important to listen and understand what the person is telling you they need.

We want to be as creative as we can to meet the needs of the individual and family members as we answer and address their concerns and needs. We can help them with a community tour or even with a home visit, where we can offer our expertise as we visit with the older adult. We would then be able to describe and show them what assisted living is all about, making sure we make the visit personal and show them how we can respond to what they need.

Here’s Lalee’s take on what people misunderstand about the search process:

The most misunderstood thing about a family’s search process is that assisted living is like a nursing home where their family member would lose all privacy and independence. It is always exciting to explain that residing in assisted living maintains their privacy and independence by offering an apartment with such wonderful amenities as elegant dining with a full menu, a programming calendar with fun and cultural events that are great for all of us, appointments that can be made by our nursing staff for doctors and such, and the community’s scheduled transportation to bring you to and from your appointments. It’s like going on a cruise but never leaving the dock. We worry about housekeeping and laundry and they don’t have to. Our compassionate care staff are there to help whenever it’s needed.”

Another helpful hint from Lalee relates to tour time:

“I always tell families when they are ready to tour to watch how our staff interacts with our residents. You will see kind, respectful, and compassionate care and conversation.”

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