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The Benefits of Companion-Style Senior Living

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One of the surprising benefits of living in a seniors community is the promise of social connectedness and companionship that can lead to better health and wellness.

Here are a few more of the benefits of senior living. Who knew being a social senior could be so good for your health?

Reduce Social Isolation

A key ingredient to aging well is an active social life. While every person is social in his or her own way, one danger common to seniors is social isolation. Across a range of studies, seniors who lack social connections tend to suffer higher rates of infection, depression and cognitive decline. With social isolation, appetites can decline, and general health and welfare can be compromised, too. Living in a community can mean the difference between social isolation and connectedness.

Stay Engaged and Connected

One of the beautiful outcomes to being a socially active senior is a higher level of happiness, which is an important measure in health and wellness. The research and Benchmark’s residents and families agree. When seniors are being social, enjoying friends and family, taking part in favorite activities like clubs and trips to new and different locations, or participating in card games, puzzles, reading groups and other cognitive activities, they are happier.

Make New Friends

A senior living community can provide you with as much privacy or companionship as you want, whenever you want it. One way we do that is by designing our communities with social meeting areas, like cafes and country kitchens. Another is with Benchmark’s specially-designed studio suites, which reimagine senior living by offering residents exceptional privacy in a neighborly environment. Seniors enjoy such arrangements because they foster friendships, neighborliness, and mutual support, according to the study “Close Relationships: Liking and Loving Over the Long Term” by the University of Maryland.

Companionship Can Be Healthy

A recent study on senior care found that companionship helps promote well-being, happiness, self-expression, and social satisfaction. The study “Older Adults’ Living Arrangements and Perceptions of Social Cohesion” by Duke University and the University of Chicago found that companionship is especially important for seniors who like an active social life and who enjoyed a full household earlier in life.

At Benchmark Senior Living, our social programs and uniquely designed communities bring seniors together in ways that make living with us a truly social affair. Learn more about life at our communities.

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