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The Best Way to Deliver Personalized Care and Programming? Get to Know the Person.

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At Benchmark Senior Living, when residents walk through our front doors for the first time, we make it our mission to really get to know them, discovering their interests, stories and experiences. After all, it’s that type of information that helps create human connections — which is what Benchmark is all about.

Our associates are particularly good at this, but we continuously look for innovative ways to do even better. This led us to a create our Something in Common program, which utilizes a digital platform powered by TSOLife to help us more quickly learn about residents at a deeper level.

Within the first week of arriving at a Benchmark community, we interview new residents. This 30-minute conversation yields valuable information about individual interests and preferences, spanning more than 80 data points. The information is captured within the TSOLife secure platform, utilizing artificial intelligence to turn the interview into actionable insights to create personalized community experiences for the resident and help foster relationships within the community.

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Here are five ways everyone in our communities, including our residents’ families, benefit from the Something in Common program:

  1. Find common ground. Have you ever spent time with someone new and discovered several things you have in common? The Something in Common program expedites this “getting to know you” process, providing instant visibility into shared pastimes, likes, events and milestones. By knowing who loves the Boston Celtics, who celebrates a birthday on the same day or who is an avid history buff, we facilitate bonds among us to build meaningful, long-lasting friendships.
  2. Know thy neighbor. With the data provided through the program’s data dashboard, associates are able to provide introductions and conversation starters among new and long-time residents, helping to initiate discussions on topics of interest to both parties.
  3. Support associate satisfaction. At Benchmark, our associates are drawn to service and have a passion for what they do – they are truly called to care. The information provided through this program helps us better support residents and connect on a more personal level. The more personal the daily engagements, the more rewarding the experience for both associates and residents — a win-win for all involved.
  4. Boost programming participation. By deploying the Something in Common program powered by TSOLife, we added another “first” to our list of credentials, becoming the first senior living provider in the Northeast to use this technology platform to pinpoint residents’ interests to better inform our community programs. By making data-based decisions on what activities to bring to our residents, our offerings are tailored to what individuals really enjoy, increasing involvement across large and small group events.
  5. Create family keepsakes. The audio from the initial interview is recorded, edited and brought to life in a one-of-a-kind digital memoir. Photos, videos and additional audio stories can be contributed by friends and family via the TSOLife mobile app, and the finished product is easily downloaded and shared to celebrate the person’s legacy.

Learn more about how we’re using technology to enhance human connections and deliver person-centered care. To learn more, check out our profile in McKnight’s Senior Living: “Artificial intelligence program creates person-centered programming options for senior living residents.

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