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Why Transparency & Trust Matters in Senior Living

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“Transparency is happening everywhere, and it’s a good thing for consumers, especially those who are making the huge, complicated, and emotional decision to transition an older adult to senior living.” — Tom Grape, Chairman and CEO of Benchmark Senior Living.

Transparency is trending: Every day, more companies and businesses are committing to greater openness in their practices and operations, which they hope will foster a greater sense of trust and loyalty in their consumers.

The timing is perfect, as more caregivers and family members are finding themselves at a crossroads with an older adult — in need of trustworthy, vetted resources, and service providers of integrity.

Maybe a health emergency, like a stroke, renders independent living impossible. Maybe a fall leads to a hospitalization, which leads to an assisted living recommendation. Maybe a decline in cognitive abilities becomes too much to manage at home without support. With the complex emotions about the sudden health event or gradual decline playing in the background, family members are thrust into the largely unknown, yet highly nuanced and complicated process of navigating the next steps in care.

Transparency matters in senior living.
Whatever the reasons or impetus, the decision makers are often unprepared for the enormity of the task ahead. Unsure of the questions to ask. Confused about options, pricing, services, and levels of care. Uninformed about the ways to pay, or how to differentiate between communities. Unaware of the intense transition process to come.

Further, preconceived notions and lack of understanding about the positive benefits of senior living can fuel a sense of fear and denial— but with some education, families can see opportunities they didn’t know existed.

Transparency matters in senior care. 
As families forge the path for an older loved one, there are things they need to know, resources to consider, options to weigh. But what do they want to know more than anything else? That they can trust the caregiver coming into the home — or the caregivers at the senior living community they choose — to provide safe, responsible, compassionate care. Will Mom be in good hands? Will Dad be safe and maintain his dignity?

Trust matters in senior living and care.
In a time when senior care resources are abundantly available yet not always reliable, we want to demonstrate our commitment to transparency and trust in senior living through this comprehensive compilation of resources — which we have thoughtfully developed to ensure every aspect of the caregiving and senior care decision-making is covered.

What to Expect
On this website, we want to simplify the complex aspects of choosing a care solution and make the information accessible. We’ll reframe confusing things in ways you can relate to, and with clear, concise language you understand.

Trust the Process
Transparency helps build trust, and we appreciate the tremendous amount of trust our families have in us every day as we care for their family members. Trust in the capabilities of our staff, trust in the vision and mission of our leadership, trust in the way we handle our resources responsibly.

Every day, we are committed to earning and keeping that trust, working as a team committed to caring for our residents and striving for excellence: in the innovative approaches to care, in the training for the services we provide, and in the quality experiences we create.

These values are important to us because a move to senior living is so much more than a change of address. It’s a life change — for the person moving and for you, as the coordinator of care — and we don’t always account for the emotional weight of such a decision and transition. But we also believe that decision is a beginning, not an end.

We look forward to beginning this journey together, and we welcome your feedback along the way!

To do that, we’re going to open our doors and show you the many layers of operations at Benchmark Senior Living, and speak openly and candidly about how our offerings compare to other care options. By doing so, we hope you can make an informed, empowered choice — one you and your loved one can be confident, and dare we say, excited about!

Because transparency isn’t only about revealing things which are hidden: it’s also about making plain the things which aren’t known to those outside the world of senior care.

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