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Vibrant, Nourishing, and Award-Winning: The Benchmark Dining Experience

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Tender barbequed chicken, vibrant fruits and vegetables, savory summer salads – residents at Benchmark communities know that artfully prepared meals are the best way to taste the summer season. Our award-winning dining program provides residents with specially designed  menus, made by highly-experienced chefs that know the importance and delight of seasonal meals. Our staff carefully curates colorful, delicious plates which sustain healthy eating habits and cater to nutritional needs. Barbeques, fine dining, beautiful bites – we do it all.  

One of our chefs has pointed out that “Most people don’t think of assisted living communities as being a thriving culinary scene, but our dining experiences rival top restaurants.”

Quality: Benchmark’s dining program – which has won four awards in the past year – offers a wide variety of high-quality, flavorful meals that are tailored to meet the unique nutritional needs of residents. The use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients can make all the difference in taste and have more nutritional value. With a focus on healthy, balanced options that are both delicious and visually appealing, residents are encouraged to eat well and enjoy the full experience of dining. 

In fact, Benchmark is participating in the Newport Food and Wine Festival in Rhode Island this September! Guests of the event will be able to sample some of our chefs’ specialties made with Benchmark’s own Savory Sensation Salt Substitute™ – our salt-free blend of citrus, spices and herbs, with less pepper and a finer blend than grocery offerings.

Variety: Benchmark communities offer favorites as well as tantalizing specials, such as Osso Bucco or lobster rolls, with many showcasing ingredients from our resident-tended herb and vegetable gardens. Grilled coleslaw, corn, and succulent fruit desserts are some amazing seasonal options. Try some sweet summer flavors with a peach BBQ chicken leg, couscous salad with fruit and herbs, and grilled yellow watermelon with balsamic pearls – savory and refreshing! 

Special Accommodations: As residents age, their needs change, and our award-winning dining programs can accommodate those changing needs. For example, meals may be served in smaller portions but more frequently, there may be options for softer foods that are easier to eat or finger foods to assist with food intake. Staff members can help residents who need support with dining difficulties and dietary restrictions, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their meals*.

Healthy Living: Proper nutrition is essential to overall health and well-being, and our award-winning dining programs can help seniors maintain a healthy weight, lower the risk of chronic diseases, and improve their physical condition. Good nutrition can boost mood and mental health. Healthy eating can also give you energy and can help you lead a more active life  – just walking to the dining room three times a day can even increase daily steps. It may also reduce the risk of some diseases, such as osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. That’s why Benchmark Senior Living carefully curates menus that feature a splendor of meals rich in proteins, vitamins and important nutrients. We also offer residents who need them, special diets, including diabetic, Mediterranean, and low salt, based on individual needs. Plus, food is always better with some company – residents can enjoy a meal with a friend, maybe bond over their love of a specific dish. At Benchmark, healthy living is not just about the food, residents can enjoy programs such as gardening, cooking demonstrations, and classes – all part of the holistic dining experience that can elevate community living!

“If you want to eat fresh, local and cooked from scratch, you should join us as a resident and enjoy a great meal any night of the week,” said Guy Hemond, who was our Vice President of Culinary and Dining Experience for Benchmark Senior Living for 17 years.

Our communities are staffed with experienced culinary professionals with a wealth of cooking knowledge to share. At Benchmark, we value health and happiness, which means assuming that every meal is well-rounded, delicious, and leaves residents excited for the next one. 

* Additional fees may apply

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