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Why a Great Place to Work Means a Better Place to Live

a senior man with senior living associates standing behind him

Deciding on a senior living community can be a daunting task—especially when there are so many options in front of you. Chances are you’ve already thought about most of the important questions, like: 

  • How close is the community to loved ones? Will it be easy to visit?
  • What does the social calendar look like? Are there activities or clubs of interest?
  • What amenities are offered – salon, fitness center, walking paths?
  • What kind of continuing care is offered, should it be needed in the future?
  • Is transportation offered for medical appointments, trips and off-site activities? 

When it comes to evaluating different senior living communities, one of the most telling questions is also one of the simplest: “How happy are the residents?” What many people may not realize is how closely resident satisfaction and happiness is related to that of the staff. To put it simply, a better place to work makes for a better place to live.

Of the accolades Benchmark Senior Living has received, few are more meaningful than those received in recognition of our staff and workplace. For three years in a row we have been among Fortune’s list of Best Workplaces for Aging Services; for the last 15 years, we’ve been among The Boston Globe’s Top Places to Work; and this past year, we were awarded U.S. News & World Report’s Best Senior Living, the first time the category was offered. To say that our associates have been a significant part of the success we’ve enjoyed over the last 25 years would be putting it lightly.

The very values we were founded on were suggested by our associates. They include being Called to Care for residents as if they were family, the belief that we’re Better Together, and our ambition to Be the Benchmark for industry-leading senior living, human connection and care. These values weren’t invented for us to aspire to, but rather based on what our associates already believed in and practiced.

Two such people who embody these values are Beatriz Villagomez, resident care manager at The Falls at Cordingly Dam and Lena Robinson, CNA at Chestnut Park at Cleveland Circle. Both women have been with Benchmark for over 20 years and emphatically cite the bonds they’ve built with residents as the most rewarding part of their jobs. Robinson even postponed her retirement when COVID-19 hit, reasoning simply that the residents “needed me more than ever.”

That kind of commitment and connection is what separates the associates at Benchmark from other senior living communities—and what makes for happier, healthier, more engaged residents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that for older adults, feelings of loneliness and isolation could lead to increased anxiety and depression, along with more rapid cognitive decline. This is all the more reason to choose a senior living community where interactions between staff and residents are genuine and warm.

As you consider which senior living community is right for you or your loved one, remember to ask a few extra questions to learn more about the associates and their interactions with residents:

  • How do associates build connections with residents on a daily basis?
  • Who would be engaging with me or my loved one throughout my day?
  • What values does the community operate under?
  • What do residents and or family members say about the associates working in the community?
  • What would associates say about working here?

When associates love where they work, take pride in the services they provide and contribute to our strong sense of community, it shows in the kind of care and respect residents receive. For more information about a Benchmark community near you, click here

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