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Our programs have been created to promote brain health, mental processing and overall well-being.

Programming is designed around the National Wellness Institute’s six dimensions of wellness:

  • Emotional
  • Occupational
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual

Our residents are given opportunities to engage in creative pursuits, intellectually stimulating activities and connect with our associates and other residents to help keep their minds alert and interested.

The following are just some of the many programs offered in our communities.

Artist in Me

Art therapy helps those living with dementia to communicate, express themselves and connect with others. The need to create is one that often continues even after other abilities are lost. Our residents are encouraged and given opportunities to document their lives and express their current emotions. The artwork is often showcased throughout our communities and shared with families.

Memory Books

Sharing memories from the past allows our residents to talk about what holds meaning for them—reducing stress, agitation and increasing confidence. Many of our programs are designed to encourage reminiscing. Benchmark associates work with residents’ families to create memory books filled with photos, letters and other items from the past, and work with residents to relive positive memories.

Music Therapy

With specially designed community programs, music is used as medicine in our communities. Residents are engaged in their specific musical tastes to activate and exercise every part of their brain, reminisce, elevate their mood, reduce anxiety and increase socialization. 

Therapeutic Gardening

Indoor and outdoor gardening programs are among the many tools we use to reduce dementia symptoms and improve our residents' quality of life. In partnership with ElderGrow and Green City Growers, residents are given opportunities to plant, tend and harvest from accessible raised garden beds while learning how to grow the most fruitful garden.  


Dream Now

Those with dementia continue to dream and we are committed to making their wishes come true. Residents are encouraged to submit things they’ve always wanted to learn, see or do by entering them into the Dream Now jar. At the end of each month, a wish is pulled from the jar, and our programming team works to make it come true. Some of the dreams we have made come true include seeing the Radio City Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall and facilitating a hot air balloon ride.  

Audio & Visual Stimulation

Offering experiences that stimulate our residents’ sight and hearing senses are an essential part of our mind and memory care program. Virtual and immersive realities transport residents to their favorite places and events, such as Super Bowl games. Also, Eversound wireless listening packages help every resident stay connected by enhancing their ability to hear community programs and participate in individualized interest-oriented audio programs.

Physical Fitness

The physical changes caused by dementia can make exercise a little more challenging. But it’s still critical to help those with memory loss reduce stress and have the best quality of life. Daily fitness and wellness programs, such as Tai Chi, chair yoga, barre classes, gentle stretching, dancing, walking, and specialized fitness equipment are offered and encouraged at each of our communities. 

Off-Site Trips

Group outings enable residents to stay connected to the community around them and tap into individual interests and memories. We routinely schedule outings with transportation to area restaurants, attractions, shopping centers and local events. Additional fees may apply. 

Recreational Programs

Remaining connected to others as dementia progresses, is important and one of the many ways we do this is through daily recreational programs. Fun games, movie nights, seasonal parties and more enable help residents and associates to have fun together while sharing in mutual interests.  

Benchmark Connections

Technology provides many avenues for adults with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia to stay connected with loved ones near and far. Using community supplied tablets and computers, we help residents connect with friends and family via Skype, Facebook, Zoom and email.

To learn more about the specific programs offered, contact a Benchmark community.  

Some services may be subject to additional fees and amenities and services may vary by community. Please consult a specific location for additional information.