Associate Spotlight – Mother’s Love Knows No Bounds

Sturges Ridge Associate takes in nephews following tragedy

Woman posing for picture in senior home

Caring has always come naturally to Keziah Ogbogu.

The Resident Care Associate is known for her exceptional care of residents at Sturges Ridge of Fairfield, where she has served since the community first opened. With eight children and 19 grandkids, her work with seniors is relatively easy.

“The residents are my go-to’s. I love them,” she said.

Keziah was born in Nigeria, but came to the Unites States 27 years ago to be closer to her children who were attending college in New York at the time.

She eventually made a home in Bridgeport, Connecticut, close to her younger sister who lived in nearby Stamford. She grew a close bond with her sister’s two sons, who often spent weekends with Keziah.

A Difficult Year 
On June 24, 2019, Keziah got a call that would change her life: her 54-year-old sister had passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm, and her two sons needed a home.

Keziah, who is now 72, didn’t hesitate.

“I took the boys in right away, and Sturges Ridge came to my rescue,” she said tearfully.

The community was quick to rally around Keziah, providing her with clothing and other essentials for the boys, ages 9 and 11. Keziah was able to purchase them laptops to do their homework, and the family quickly found its footing.

It was during the pandemic that she learned that her twin brother, who had been fighting cancer, had passed away back home in Nigeria. Keziah was once again grief-stricken.

“It was so hard. I couldn’t go home to see anyone,” she said. Instead, she sought solace with her nephews and Sturges Ridge family.

A Happy Home 
While the challenges of loss and raising two young children would be difficult for anyone to manage, Keziah is determined to keep moving forward.

She takes her nephews to the Beardsley Zoo every weekend, and to Seaside Park for ice cream during the summer.

Executive Director Clare Scully is completely awestruck by Keziah’s compassion, dedication and energy – lots of energy.

“She runs around this building like no other,” Clare said. “She takes great care of our residents, treating them like they’re her own mother.”

And to Keziah, that’s how it feels.

“They are my everything,” she said. “They are my loves.”

Sturges Ridge of Fairfield