Leaving a Lifelong Impact

Senior man and associates

When Kevin’s brother was a resident at Benchmark Senior Living at Woburn, Kevin used to visit him often despite living several hours away. Throughout his visits and in the process of grieving over the passing of his brother, many of the associates and compassionate caregivers at Benchmark developed a strong connection with Kevin. He had traveled throughout the world and connected with the community’s diverse team of compassionate caregivers, many of whom hail from all over Africa. The connection was so strong that, when his brother passed, Kevin created a pictorial collage as a thank you for the excellent care and friendship he and his brother had received.

Several months went by and Kevin happened to be traveling in Ireland when he was struck by memories of his travels and work in Haiti and other parts of Africa and began to miss his friends at Benchmark. Upon coming back from his travels, the community was excited to receive a call from Kevin wanting to deliver a cake to the friends he missed. Upon arriving, Kevin was thrilled to see his collage proudly hanging in the community and his happy friends ready to greet him.

Friends can come from the most unique places, and at Benchmark, we genuinely believe we are all better together!

Benchmark Senior Living at Woburn