Quick Thinking Moves Carolyn Out of the Cold into Warmth of The Falls

House during wintertime with snow

The second March Nor’easter knocked down a transformer into 84-year-old Carolyn’s driveway, leaving her without electricity or phone service. Her son, who serves in the U.S. Navy, couldn’t be reached, but, fortunately, a neighbor checked in on her during the storm. By that time, the temperature in Carolyn’s home was down to 50 degrees.

After 60 years in her home in Newton Centre, Mass., Carolyn was just a week away from moving into The Falls at Cordingly Dam, a nearby Benchmark community. With her neighbor’s help, Carolyn called The Falls’ Director of Community Relations, Jessica Brook. Given the widespread storm damage and power outages in the area, and Carolyn’s situation, Jessica invited her to move into The Falls immediately.

Within minutes, Jessica and the community’s van driver, Linda Jones, were on their way. At Carolyn’s home, the downed transformer blocked the path to Carolyn’s door, so, the good neighbor shoveled a path to another door. When they entered, Carolyn cried with joy.

Jessica and Linda packed up some of Carolyn’s belongings and drove her to the warmth and safety of The Falls. With no time to move Carolyn’s furniture, associates moved her into the community’s furnished model unit.

Meanwhile, Jessica headed to Home Goods. “It was just like sending a kid off to college,” she says. “I got a bedcover and sheets, towels, soap, shampoo and all the essentials.”

The next morning, Carolyn was enjoying breakfast and chatting with three other new residents of the community, and she cheerfully addressed her server by name.

Moving from a home you’ve lived in for 60 years can be an emotional experience under the best of circumstances, and the team at The Falls was ready to offer whatever support Carolyn needed.  “But her only concern was keeping her own phone number,” says Jessica. “If that’s all you have to worry about, you’re in good shape.”

The Falls at Cordingly Dam