Radiant Act at the Sock Hop

Ethel Stoller and her daughter, Margie Buckley, were enjoying a lovely day outside her cottage at The Village at Willow Crossings, a Benchmark Senior Living (www.benchmarkseniorliving.com) community, when they were approached by Director of Community Relations Paul Kauffman leading a couple on a tour. The couple wanted to see a large format cottage, and none were available to show. Paul asked Ethel for a quick tour of her home. Proud of her cottage, Ethel happily agreed.

When Paul learned that Ethel and Margie planned to attend the upcoming Sock Hop, the community’s annual 1950s-themed summer outing, he invited Ethel’s beloved caregiver, Christiana Tewio, from Commonwealth Caregivers in Needham to join the party — returning one Radiant Act of Kindness with another.

How Paul Came to Benchmark

While covering this Radiant Act, we uncovered the interesting story of how Paul joined Benchmark. 

Paul’s grandmother-in-law, Toodie Gray, lived at Willow Crossings for 16 years. So, Paul was a member of the community before he joined Benchmark.

“The Village was Toodie’s second family and ours as well,” says Paul. “When Toodie passed last December, we were touched by the presence of so many Willow Crossings associates at Toodie’s funeral.”

After 20 years in health care management for health plans and providers, and as a client executive, Paul sought a more rewarding position. His mother-in-law suggested Benchmark. In January, Paul became a part-time Signature Services concierge at the community. In May, he became Willow Crossings’ director of community relations. 

“I’ve always loved walking through the doors into this community. You can feel the warm and friendly atmosphere and the deep commitment to caring for the residents,” says Paul. “Our new values, Called to Care, Be the Benchmark and Better Together, perfectly reflect Willow Crossings and help me tell the world who we are.”