Associate Spotlight: Stitching for a Cause

Benchmark Associate channels skills to create face masks for a cause

Man holding sewn facemask

Benchmark IT Manager John Wenerowicz was only 8 years old when his grandmothers took turns teaching him to knit, sew and even cross-stitch – skills he had no idea would come in handy during a pandemic.

Now, 28-years later, the father of three is putting himself to work creating facemasks to raise money for Benchmark’s One Company Fund.

“I am a big supporter of OCF and really wanted to give back,” he said.

When he’s not fixing IT issues, John is churning out protective facemasks intended for outdoor use. He initially started making masks for his wife and children out of necessity, but found they were becoming popular amongst family and friends.

He also realized it gave him a reason to step away from his computer after a long day.

“I like the crafty stuff, but it also helped me strike a good work/family balance,” John said. “I’ll work until 8 p.m. and then at night, I’ll sew.”

He’s made 85 masks out of his Milford, NH home so far, with Baby Yoda and the New England Patriots serving as his most popular designs. Looking to challenge himself, John purchased embroidery software and decided to use Benchmark’s logo as a test run.

He has since fulfilled 15 orders for Benchmark masks, the proceeds of which he is donating to OCF. Benchmark masks are available in black and white and are best suited for winter use given their warm velvety fabric.

Tom Grape, Benchmark’s Chairman and CEO, was amongst John’s first BSL customers.

“This facemask gives me extra special superpowers when I have it on,” Tom laughed. “I think it’s really awesome that he made these. I love mine.”

To purchase a facemask, visit

Sewn facemasks with Benchmark Senior Living branding