The Atrium at Veronica Drive Helps Ginny Connect to Her Love of the Arts

Senior woman holding painting

Virginia, or “Ginny,” has always loved the arts. For years, she painted watercolor pieces in her spare time when she wasn’t working as a teacher’s aide specializing in speech therapy for children with special needs. She continues to pursue her passion at her community, The Atrium at Veronica Drive, and recently had one of her works selected for inclusion in a national publication!

Since 2003, the American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA) has featured artwork from seniors residing in a community in its annual research study, The State of Seniors Housing. Communities may submit an unlimited number of photos during the year.

“The artwork is always amazing, and we have an incredibly difficult time selecting whose artwork to use from several hundred submissions across the United States,” says ASHA President David Schless.

In a recent report, ASHA included artwork by 24 residents from various communities. Ginny’s piece was an acrylic painting with tones of blue and green, evoking calmness with brush strokes rippling like the sea.

“The variety of colors that Ginny used in her painting titled, ‘Ocean Seascape,’ blend beautifully and provide for a very soothing image,” says Benchmark CEO Tom Grape. “I look forward to seeing a lot more of her artwork in the future!”

Arts programming at The Atrium gives residents the opportunity to explore different mediums of art, and associates have found ways to share residents’ artwork outside of the community.

The community’s Harbor Program Coordinator led the launch of The Atrium’s First Annual Summer Arts Fest last summer, which featured the works of residents.

To further promote the residents’ work, the Executive Director took photographs of the pieces and created notecards to be sold to benefit Benchmark’s One Company Fund and the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

We appreciate that our associates are helping to Elevate Human Connection by sharing our residents’ art work with others. Each resident has a lifetime of talent to share that can positively impact his or her greater local community.

Congratulations to Ginny for being featured in the ASHA report!

The Atrium at Veronica Drive