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Engaged in Every Way, During Active Aging Week and Beyond

a group of residents reaching over in an exercise class

Just imagine: You text your loved one to check in, and they respond, “Talk later, walking into my Tai Chi class.” For national Active Aging Week October 3rd–9th, we’re sharing many of  the ways we help keep our residents engaged.. Helping our residents stay active is a big part of Benchmark’s purpose and values, with connection to others being at the core of our philosophy. 

We are devoted to the ideals of present, purposeful, and engaged living, and our evidence-based programming provides engagement around our residents’ interests, goals and dreams. Our wide variety of programming keeps our residents engaged mentally, socially, and emotionally, as well as physically. Every community’s programming calendar includes 25+ physical, intellectual, emotional, and “sense of purpose” programs each week, plus biweekly outings and so much more. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find at one of our communities: 

Physical Activities: Our Benchmark Strong program is a comprehensive exercise program designed to address the musculoskeletal changes associated with aging. The goal of Benchmark Strong is to maximize each resident’s mobility and independence with classes tailored to each resident’s ability, so every resident gets what they need. 

  • Barre and pilates to build muscle and improve balance 
  • Chair and traditional yoga to support flexibility
  • Dancing for cardiovascular health
  • Weight and strength training Stretching to improve joint mobility and support flexibility
  • Leg strengthening and core exercises 
  • Seated drumming to get the heart pumping  — watch this video of our residents at Benchmark at Hamden!

Educational Offerings: Experiences like lifelong learning seminars, therapeutic indoor and outdoor gardening, intergenerational programs with local school children, volunteer opportunities within our local neighborhoods, religious services for all faiths, and more.

Resident Clubs: We have book discussion groups in our cozy libraries, gardening clubs on our patios, community choirs, and resident councils to empower residents. As a part of our Something in Common program, each community tailors their club offerings to their residents’ interests based on survey responses through a technology platform called TSO Life.

Personalized Programs: Benchmark’s Brain in Play therapeutic platform and neurobehavior technology to help prevent and treat neurodegenerative diseases are technologies applied in our communities, and Benchmark’s Dream Now program strives to make residents’ bucket-list wishes come true. Plus, we never miss an opportunity to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.

At Benchmark, we offer impressive, engaging and active programs for our residents because staying physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially engaged contributes to living a healthier, extended life — during Active Aging Week and beyond. Click here to find a Benchmark Community near you, and schedule a tour to explore all the ways we help keep our residents energized, excited and active.

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