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Signature Program Spotlight: Brain In Play International

Brain in Play

When you find the right match for senior care, sometimes it just clicks. That was the case for Beverly, whose parents had been living happily at Greenwich Farms at Warwick for a few years before Brain In Play International came to the community. When their proprietary therapeutic program was introduced, she said it was like “icing on the cake.”

Brain In-Play International (BIP) is a scientific brain wellness company that helps prevent and treat neurodegenerative diseases of aging through its Brain Performance Enhancement℠ system. In this system, specially trained BIP therapists use a combination of strategies to increase blood supply to key parts of the brain and facilitate the functioning, growth, and preservation.

This evidence-based neurobehavioral program takes a holistic approach to senior memory care, combining therapies such as:

  • Brain wellness best practices
  • Patient activation
  • And cognitive behavioral psychotherapy/coaching

“Patient outcomes are ultimately accomplished by increasing a senior’s production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF),” states BIP medical director Dr. Alan Ashare. Michelle Tristani, Corporate Director of Memory Care at Benchmark, agrees, “You could be over 75 years old and still continue to strengthen connections, between nerve cells in the brain.”

Senior woman playing chessTo facilitate optimized brain functioning and closely monitor outcomes, BIP therapists develop one-on-one relationships with each resident in the program and reach out to families when necessary.  BIP’s CEO Katharine White APRN-BC shares, “Our operating philosophy is to do whatever it takes to help, treating our referred senior residents like family.”

In fact, when Beverly’s mom fell and broke her hip, BIP president and clinician/scientist Bill White APRN-BC provided personal support to the family.

“Bill went to the hospital and visited her on his own time, and checked on my dad on his own time,” says Beverly. “That’s just amazing to me.”

Brain in Play: Boosting Well-Being

After just a few months of being in the program, Beverly’s dad has already seen cognitive and physical improvements.

“Because of his Parkinson’s, my dad is starting to lose his memory, and his balance is off,” Beverly says. “But through this program, he’s lost weight (46 lbs) and his balance has improved.”

Older man on exercise bikeBy exercising on a recumbent stationary bike a couple of times each week, her dad has started using a cane instead of a walker — and sometimes walks without assistance of any kind. And through a combination of coaching and therapy, his oxygen level has increased and he’s maintained positive changes to his diet.

Most of all, Beverly says her dad is thrilled with the camaraderie he’s also experienced through the senior care program.

“He shows up early, without being told, and he looks forward to it,” she says. “He tells me all the time, ‘I’m going to see Bill and do my exercise tomorrow.’ He loves it.”

Beverly and her family’s experience highlights just how crucial it is to find a senior living community that allows you and your loved ones to thrive — because senior care provides more than just a place to live. It’s a place to continue growing.

If you’re just starting your senior care journey, consider taking this 5-minute survey to assess your situation and determine whether it’s the right time for senior living for you or your loved one.

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