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Atrium at Faxon Woods residents benefit from dementia care that’s tailored to their needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and participate in daily experiences inspired by skilled caregivers who are committed to fostering quality connections.

Our Mind & Memory Care offers dementia care and experiences rooted in passion, pride and a desire to be the best. Our loving care providers consider it their calling to deliver personalized, needs-based care that supports individual abilities. It is our great pleasure to recognize our residents’ life experiences and make it possible to have purpose and close ties with others every day.

How is Mind & Memory Care Different?

All the benefits of Benchmark Assisted Living with a specialized program and
environment for the unique needs of those with memory impairment.

Care Types

Mind & Memory Care Levels

  • Our Mind & Memory Plan is for residents whose care needs consist primarily of cueing and reminders. Residents are appropriate for our Mind & Memory Care Plan if they generally exhibit mild cognitive impairment and no or limited behaviors such as aggression or resistance to care.
  • Our Mind & Memory I Plan is for residents whose care needs consist primarily of a minimal level of physical assistance with activities of daily living, and minimal levels of cognitive impairment.
  • Our Mind & Memory II Plan is for residents whose care needs require a moderate amount of physical assistance with several activities of daily living, and who generally exhibit moderate cognitive impairment.
  • Our Mind & Memory III Plan is for residents whose care needs require a substantial amount of physical assistance with several activities of daily living, and who generally exhibit severe cognitive impairment and/or associated behaviors.
  • Our Mind & Memory IV Plan is for residents who have extensive needs, for example: a need for total care with one or more activities of daily living, or a substantial amount of assistance is warranted on a daily basis.
  • Our Mind & Memory V Plan is for residents who need total assistance with all aspects of care, as well as usage of a mechanical or electrical lift for transfers on an ongoing basis. They may also require extensive emotional/behavioral support.

Personalized, needs-based care to support individual abilities

Our residents have different diagnoses and symptoms that we meet with individualized, evolving care plans as their needs change. By providing only what they need and matching it with ample, familiar spaces tailored to those with dementia, they can enjoy varying levels of independence.

Our program also addresses the holistic health of our residents. In addition to on-site care from a host of external care providers, we cater to their emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual health with experiences that cultivate their interests and foster human connections. Daily current events, outdoor container gardening, craft-making, bowling, painting and live music are just some what we offer each day.

Mind & Memory Care for those with dementia

  • Round-the-clock care by care providers who are specially chosen and educated about memory loss, empathy and Benchmark’s award-winning Connect First communication program
  • Purposeful amenities, visual cues and features that make our residents feel at home, including themed journey stations that foster reminiscing and resident memory boxes that increase familiarity
  • Activities that activate cognitive abilities such as the familiar smell of fresh bread baking before meals, the delightful scents of fresh flower arranging and off-site trips to favorite places
  • Secure neighborhoods with ample shared living spaces to enjoy—areas to watch classic films and play games, a library and computer room, recreation areas, a beauty salon, outdoor courtyards with walking paths and formal dining rooms
  • Restaurant-style, chef-prepared meals formally served with special diets and additional support available

Support that strengthens bonds between those living with memory loss, their families and our associates.


Choose from private or shared companion suites that can be decorated to feel more like home and also include accessibility features.

Secure Common Areas
Additional shared living spaces, such as hair salons, secure outdoor courtyards and more with special colors, lighting and visual cues to support cognition and resident independence.
Our Culture of Caring

Associates who are Called to Care, specially trained and Certified Dementia Practitioners.

24/7 Personalized Care

Needs-based help with activities of daily living as determined by a nursing assessment.

Enhanced health support

Resident’s choice of outside health providers or access to on-site providers, such as physicians and rehabilitation services.

Award-winning programs

Treasure chests, journey stations, art and music therapy, gardening, audio programs and more.


Scheduled local transportation to medical appointments, shopping centers and community events.

Healthy Meals & Snacks

Served restaurant-style with adaptive dining, assistance and texture modified diets available.

Adaptive Technology & Solutions

Specially selected tools to enhance social, emotional and physical health.


Need help determining costs or financing memory care?

The cost of memory care can vary based on a number of factors. Once you find a Benchmark Mind & Memory Care community that’s right for you, our quick, 4-step assessment will help determine your monthly costs.

Whether you need helping making a quick transition or have a little bit more time, the Financial Concierge service can connect you to a third party who can provide information about bridge loans and Veteran’s benefits.

Is Memory Care right for your loved one